Is Jim Morrison alive?

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I for one do not think so.He certainly had the ways and the means to do it.And that would be the ultimate cure all for a rock star that wanted out.And if if he faked it and pulled it off,I do not think that you would see him in New York or Oregon.To do that would,even if you are still alive,would be a final decision,you would have to live a very obscure life after that.You would not want to be seen or recognized,and there would be a money trail someplace,he could have just retired and would have plenty of money.The Doors unlike most rock bands,ran a very tight ship banking wise,the people working that end for them were very loyal.They themselves had good things yet did not live lavish lifestyles.They had successfully completed the terms of their record contract.To this very day their sales,their timeless music is very strong.They are in a league all their own.If Jim were alive he would be doing something creative in a different realm.It is a small wonder that the other surviving doors view [...]
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It is either condemnation from those who can't afford to blind loyalty to those who bought them.I really don't want to enter that frey.I can tell you how I feel about it and relate it to you as a Gibson lover who,breathed,lived and slept with two of them for many years.Pretty much for sure I would not spend over a thousand dollars for a guitar hanging on a rack.To me that is a floor model to take it for a spin.If it hit the jackpot I would expect to be able to work a deal with the sales guy.Yet I know guitars inside and out and know what to look for.It may be so pretty to look at and if you don't know what to look for you may fall prey to it.A reputable dealer would understand your concerns,you are making an investment,a big one.If they know you are a pro,and they will you can pick up the floor model for a generous discount.If you are a pro you have a luthier who can easy fix the flaws.Other wise you tell them "I want to order this one."Personally I,well,would prefer to get a deal on a [...]
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What Kind Of Strings do You Use?

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For over three decades only one brand,D'ADDario.Never got a bad set.I got just a bit shook when I bought my Rickenbackers and you must use Ric strings to keep the guitar in warranty terms.It is not a rip off,their prices are very fair yet I called customer service and asked them if D'ADDadario's would void my warranty terms.Rickenbacker has excellent customer service and the rep told me that Rickenbacker Strings were made by DADDario yet they would give me a wholesale price on them and do custom gauges for me at no extra charge.

How do you play for a riot?

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You don't really know when it is coming.The audience is into it.You push it out as best as you can.

We were getting set to perform at the joint in the woods in Orlando and were doing a soundcheck.We got into and did a full set.My wife Tammy noticed a guy holding a mic in his hand,She told the Band "That guy is recording us."We walked over and surrounded him with a very polite smiling circle."Are you recording us?"We busted him.Tapedeck and all with the mic running down his sleeve held in his hand."Cool man,come back to the motel with us so we can hear what you got.It was just a soundcheck,no audience just the crew and the staff at the club.We got him drunk,took the tape and dropped him off in a swamp."This is where you get out mate,have a nice day!"

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