We were so happy, at last we are going to cut loose, Andre Mack now with us on guitar, the let down was swift coming, we were going to be made to sound like another group that had a black singer. A forgettable bullshit group. We did a tremendous effort, a tremendous effort, yet when we got the final take, a year and a half late we listened and said, "That is not us at all. we will not play that shit onstage ever. It is a great, slick well produced effort, yet we sound like a wind up toy.

My friend, if you are serious about this, if it is a passion to you, in this wicked world, you are going to DO IT, TAKE CARE OF IT, PRESERVE IT, AND PROTECT IT! "YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GIVE UP NO MATTER OF WHAT ANYBODY SAYS OR DOES!!!!" On her deathbed that is what my Mother told me. She squeezed my hand so hard she almost broke it. I decided when I was playing the piano when I was five years old, that I would heretofore identify myself as an artist. That does not mean, mind you, That the world is going to lay down at your feet. I just found out who I am. Thus if you are going to record it, you want it to be you at your best. Recorded and mastered with the best equipment and people you can find. trust me, it is well worth it.
This is the factory where I went in and did my work. Laid out my artistic goals.

To play hardball,not whiffle ball.You are going in to do a hit,that is a tremendous high.

Dude,you have gotten your ass whipped.

And walking into the church in the middle of the horrible dope hole,with a strat and a 100 watt Marshalla church of all black people,and I was a crazy white dude with my baby would have thought they would have killed me,they made sure my son and I had a plate when we went home.Turkey wings!Heart stoppers.One would have thought I would have offended them,the dope hole was rocking outside of the church!You know so much,you do not know anything Dad.

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