Sweet Mood The singer has a very pretty and unique voice (though reminds me a little of Pat Benatar). Sweet mood set in this song, as well as chillin' harmonies. The harmonica accents are a nice touch. Overall, a well produced and arranged song. Will listen again. - jvmyka from Baltimore, Maryland

American idol Underground/Billboard

Rene Labre Goes #1 on pop Chart at ameri... Wed, Mar 12, 2008, 09:27 PM I am elated to announce that the song "American Idol Audition" has been voted number one on the pop chart at this week. Thank you for your support!/Rene Labre


cool vocals and harmonies combine for a cool sound. The song could stand to be shorter though. The vocals soundlike a young Linda Ronstat (sp). Nice work - jfharris91 from Nashville, Tennessee


This has a folky sound in the intro Then when the vocals come in it reminds me of those 70's bands that came in the wake of ABBA. I love the harmonica, it gives the whole song a distinctive character. It is such a nice touch. This is like the musical equilivent of being in a costume shop, preparing for a fancydress party. So many colours and textures. Incongruity abounds. I think this must be a band because,despite this musical "flitting about" there is something that anchors the sound, keeps it rooted and coherent. The players are all coming from the same place, going in the same direction. There is much to critcise technically I suppose. Sometimes the voice is a little off in places, the recording is not top notch clear and there are areas that could be polished up. But these are elements. And magic is not about the elements. Magic is about the whole experience,the general impression., the overall appreciation. This sounds like a group of Happy, fun living wizards Excellent stuff. - gilderfish from N'pton, United Kingdom


Unique Girl vocalist has an amazing voice. Very easy listenig song.. Although I feel there is something missing I want a more driving beat with the guitars. But they may just be my opinion. Deffinately keep it up. Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Guitars, Production, Originality, Coolest Chill-Out Track. - Hanover Speed, Indiana

Teeside,England,United Kingdom

Nee and Lancy very different intro, though it could go any of three ways at first. Nice to hear a male/female duet with a slight cowboy feel (I'm a big Nancy and Lee fan). Rhythm is a bit stilted, is it a machine? I'm sure I've heard the melody before but, hey, there's only twelve notes right? It works well generally all over. - AndyJohnson from Middlesbrough, Teesside, United Kingdom


review both vocals are excellent. piano lines are good. like the use of harmonica. came out of nowhere, in a good way. song length is good..not too long. like the guitar solo. has a good tone. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Female Vocals. - braindoll Dix Hills, New York


Lead vocals are decent.Nice leads. Keep on doing your thing and try to keep pushing for your goals. - benjaminkyle from Lorain, Ohio

Valley Forge,PA

lovely female vocal The melody got repetitive pretty quickly, but the female singer has a very nice voice. The unison singing was pretty as well. I liked the delicate touches the lead guitar added. - Phyllis_Heitjan from Valley Forge, Pennsylvania


Beautiful... Reminds me of a nick cave song. Good! great atmosphere, nice subtle backing vocals, and strong lead vocals. Gives the feeling of wide open spaces and dusk, deserted roads, mist. headlights in the clouds. cold chicago wind spot on...! great stuff. this song has a special ability to produce images. at least in my mind. well done. Nice duet. Production good too. - creaturesville from Munich, Germany


Male / Female vocals work nice! I really like the male and female vocal mix. I have always really liked that dynamic in music. Reminds somewhat of the Vaselines for some reason. Catchy and easy listening. I like. - damn_the_youth from Unspecified


hi I really really liked this, excellent mix of voices both singers excellent, lovely melody, and great musicianship especially the guitar. - stevethomas1066 from Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, United Kingdom


song1 review sounded like a bell chime at the start. nice rainwashed minor descending chords. accordion makes me think it's european. male and female voices work well though sounded a bit off key somewhere around 1.00. hey, we all do it. is it an accordion or harmonica? can't ell. sounds cool though. meaty guitar a nice addition towards the end along with piano - jondee from United Kingdom



Boca Raton,Florida

STAGELIGHT SONATA FOR VIOLIN Who said we need vocals Sounded like CCR after the first time the violin stops and the band kicks in. Also it reminded me of the band America. The song flows really good and the little things put in like the piano notes here and there fill the whole musical atmosphere. The violin makes you listen to the whole song. The guitar solo at the end was amazing. - draggio Boca Raton, Florida


STAGELIGHT SONATA FOR VIOLIN Nice playing,I like your sound-and the 'echo' effect on the violin!I like the 'third' guitar,nice tunes... - movastro from Kavala, Greece


STAGELIGHT SONATA FOR VIOLIN Ventures I like this melancholic song! Makes me think of something by the Ventures, the Shadows or other bands in the 50's and early 60's. Violin is beautifully played. I love the glissandos! Good choise of lead instrument (a clean reverb guitar would have made it sound just like a Hank Marvin rip off). Guitar solo in the end is great! Distortion a little too heavy metal to my taste, but hey! It rocks! STAGELIGHT SONATA FOR VIOLIN There's lots of instruments and many things happening in the rythm section. That's cool, gives you something new to listen to the second time! - aztor from Sweden


STAGELIGHT SONATA FOR VIOLIN Nice simple start, simple and minimal. It breaks into rhythm with violin carrying the melody. The rhythm section does a good job and is well balanced with the rest of the instruments. The guitars sit nicely behind until breaking through after 4 minutes in a soring energetic solo which takes it to the end and fades out. The mix and production good, too. All in all, my favorite part of the song was the starting theme before the heavy rhythm starts. They seem like two different songs. This sound is jamming. - cathexix from Baskerville, Virginia


STAGELIGHT SONATA FOR VIOLIN Soulful The intro Violin is very soulful. The starting of all the instruments together is a bit sudden but keeps with the mood of the song. An interesting piece. - clustersofgrey from Atlanta, Georgia


STAGELIGHT SONATA FOR VIOLIN Engaging instrumentals Great guitar in the beginning. The strings were amazing. It reminded me of music that once played in my dream. I like the break into the live main part. It is a natural transition. Sound is unique and gets me feeling good. - MelissaCzarnik from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


STAGELIGHT SONATA FOR VIOLIN Lovely messy approach This one surprised me! I didn´t know what to expect AT ALL at the start, but I love the somewhat messy approach you got into then, sounds like you´re having a lot of fun as you play, and sound like you´re just a gang of very creative and nice people doing your thing. I somewhat get a picture of a bunch of really cool mothers and fathers in their mid 30´s, kick me if I´m wrong! It´s a good production, I like that it doesn´t sound too clean so to say, it´s original and really catchy music. Loveya! - UUK390 from Borgå, Uusimaa, Finland


STAGELIGHT SONATA FOR VIOLIN violin electric ...this track is a fusion of rock out of the seventies and an electrified folk solo violin... it is an interesting variation of styles and I like this sounding result...mostly the sound of the violin. - stromboli1 from Vienna, Austria


STAGELIGHT SONATA FOR VIOLIN Mellow strings Lovely strings over the guitar, very soothing in the intro before moving into a nice driving sequence that has airs of Zepellin. Well performed throughout. - theICARUS from Uk, United Kingdom


STAGELIGHT SONATA FOR VIOLIN Nice melody ideas, skillful! Good performance Cello sounds really good!The melody is quite cool, later on the production really ROCKS, well done! Guitars sound good! I like especially your melodic ideas with the violin, and the cello before (I hope I heard those instruments right). It´s a powerful song with also a nice guitar solo later on, maybe not the best harmonic knowledge u have about the guitar solo there, but also good sound and nice playing. WELL DONE! - MSTR from Neuoetting, Germany


STAGELIGHT SONATA FOR VIOLIN the violin rules!!!:) good world music track!its a very good instruments fusion!!!violin???!!very good!i like!the performance of the song its very good!but the violin is great!good work!Peace! - NunoChaparro from Moita, Portugal


STAGELIGHT SONATA FOR VIOLIN cool nice mix guys really like it, just work me up from a day dream, love the way it weaves in and out with the instruments.....seems to me like it;s like it should be! thanks! - acousticpeace from Lower High-Lands, Scotland, United Kingdom




STAGELIGHT SONATA FOR VIOLIN Folk Very folky, not necesarely my music but I really like the Violin! Reminds me of One more Cup of Coffee by Bob Dylon. - Moloco from Los Angeles, California


STAGELIGHT SONATA FOR VIOLIN Melancholical start, after that gipsy mood. The violin sounds very melancholical in the intro. It's a very good sound. In the intro I wonder as well what the snare-instrument is in my right ear. At 0:40 the real song starts. Drums, guitars and the violin gets the leading part, and is doing it excellent. There is a kind of Gipsy feeling in the way of playing of the violin. At 4:20 about a lead electric guitar takes it over. Still I liked the melancholical feeling of the intro the most. After that it's totally different. There the violin is fantastic. Yes, I like this! - AlexanderPort from Lier, Belgium


STAGELIGHT SONATA FOR VIOLIN Strong Stuff Absolutely brilliant fiddling. Strong, strident sound. The highlight of this tune. Starts of classical sounding, develops into 1960's mersey/ psychedelic sound fusion, then goes off into what sounds almost Gypsy... and does so pretty seemlessly. Very impressive - Captain_Melted from Glasgow, Scotland


BAD DAY AT SCHOOL Awards! Track of the Day on 22Nov2007 in BLUES Best Mood in Blues, week of 26Nov2007 Most Original in Blues, week of 26Nov2007 Most Original in Blues, week of 3Dec2007 Stupidest Song in Blues, week of 26NoV 2007


BAD DAY IN SCHOOL Child Abuse This song should be removed from the site due to the fact that it has child abuse in it, and it is presented in a way that is supposed to be funny. There is nothing funny about child abuse and all of us should do everything we can to fight against it. This review, and the negative response it may recieve is inconsequencial to me. As for performance: It was good. As for vocal: there wasn't any vocal he was talking. The lyric was good. - henrymonzello from Hacienda Heights, California


BAD DAY IN SCHOOL review great sound,,real root feeling..liked the speaking vocals..different and original..but miss that the music is toned down in the background. - rolb from Staffanstorp, Sweden


BAD DAY IN SCHOOL Play School Blues Seriously, this tune is a riot. Blues with kids on vocals. You almost wonder how someone that young can have the Blues, but this is pretty well done. The band is decent and the vocals are hilarious. A very cool blues parody using youth on vocals. Some of the comments on school will bring back memories for some of us older people. - FOE_1 from Unspecified on 28Nov2007


BAD DAY AT SCHOOL luncheon blues Yep big powerful "Hoochie" style blue arrangement you really would have a hard time "missing" with whatever you set against it. As for the song ....very clever modern day classroom setting ....think you hit all the right buttons, fears and mores. Fine musicianship and a good sense of hip poetics/politics. Words just get a little cluttered in the late middle section ....but overall a inspiring effort ....I'd like to see the video. Actually despite you own opinion, I do like the rawness and edge of the production! - HarperJohn from Cobourg & Brighton, Ontario, Canada


BAD DAY AT SCHOOL The idea for the kid having a blues song is genius - jakethenohead from United Kingdom


BAD DAY AT SCHOOL mmm, ,,,, Man don't know what to say, I like it! It's original, is this your daddy's song? Theres nothin' new with the music, it's very well played but it's the vocal delivery that makes the tune. Kid, you made somebody proud with this tune made me smile. Keep on keepin' on. - Sliminou from Rockville, Maryland


BAD DAY AT SCHOOL cool stuff Its cool that someone as young as this cat sounds is into the blues. overall good production. the vocals are to far up in the mix and a bit corny but for the age group cool. keep up the good work man - Snowconeforpresident from Carrollton, Georgia

La Pointe,Wisconsin

BAD DAY AT SCHOOL Too Much Fun! I would be interested to hear the story behind this one! Sounds like the kids took over the control room. Maybe a father/son project? Great job! This song is refreshingly fun and on the lighter side! - the_dr from La Pointe, Wisconsin


BAD DAY AT SCHOOL School House Rock Well for a kid singer, I guess this is just killer. The school house blues, huh? Just semed perfect for one of those School House Rock cartoons. - traumadolls from Norfolk, Virginia


BAD DAY AT SCHOOL nice move I'm a hoochie coochie man. vocals are a boy? just joking. It was good , maybe a movie soundtrack or something. - jkoel_tuttle from Chicago, Illinois


BAD DAY AT SCHOOL After School Special First of all - this song is wild and fun and creative. Corny at times, funny at times. I know you didn't want production comments - but the spoken vocals are so far out in front of the mix that is sounds like a theme song for a tv show for kids and pre-teens. The performance of the band is very good - and I suspect that the drums are programmed. Otherwise that is an excellent drummer. So - kudos for the creativity. It sounds like you all had a fun time recording this. Kept my attention for 2 minutes and 56 seconds for sure. Now go shop this to Nickelodeon! - blistur from Orange Park, Florida


BAD DAY AT SCHOOL comedie blues that`s a sassy, sexy track! I love the smokey voice of the female singer. Groove behind is great...there is some zappa comedie in here, too! the voices are much too much in front in the sound mix! - stromboli1 from Vienna, Austria


BAD DAY AT SCHOOL Blues I dig it, little man! Reminds me of the Blues Brothers. The lyrics are making me crack up. - OO@20398624~VasudevaBand from Wexford, Pennsylvania


BAD DAY AT SCHOOL weres the beef Macaroni and cheese or was it osurmyer winner ? performance delivered effortless vocals recited this song with out skipping a beat alway welcome and encouRage young artist keep um coming young man Extra Credit: Programming, Mood, Stupidest Song I've Ever Heard. - madidarose Bay Area, California


BAD DAY AT SCHOOL Acting the fool.......... Great sax and vocals.... I like the lyrics and overall feel...I also like the production it's great, nice and raw...... original.....You guys are allright. Lots of feeling! - gypsynomad from Southport, Maine


STAGELIGHT LOVER (SINGLE RELEASE) author: zp beautiful composition! Well written, dewy has a haunting, joplin like voice! Time/Life author: Dewy missin you, no matter what happened it's way back there and still I do love you Rene, been friends too long to let unfair, unhappy, undone things, unwhatever block this at least for me...Life has been very hard for us both but we always keep pushing on and on ......... NO matter how you feel towards me doesn't matter in my mind & heart. I have ALWAYS wished you the best and still do. Hope your well and Jordan too. I hope he stayed w/ the drums and is doing real well. Just me stopping by, > Always,Dewy* Time/Life Author:Rene Hey Dewy,Glad to hear from you! Yes baby,we were two different people into different things but both into the blues who were thrown together at random chance to do something.All of our hard work together is probably to real and too raw for people to deal with...Most people want to be spoon fed their entertainment by the mass media like ants being masticated.They cannot handle things outside of those boundaries,they believe music is a fashion and it is not that,it is a feeling.We worked so hard together holding nothing back and there was no one standing there to say "you can't do that!" Do you remember the sessions for "Just A Matter of Time"?For sixteen days we had no food and sat on the bed going over and over the song.When people heard it they though it was a joke.They never understood the personal homor we put behind everything we did,when our only escape from our hardship was to laugh at ourselves? And you became such a very dear,dear friend of mine,so easily we could have become lovers yet always maintained a professional stance and attitude towards our work.Knowing fully that the world was out to get us and the mass media was terrified by how we never held anything back.And all we wanted to do was play and sing and make a little money for it.the promoters said " you have four minutes to make it count." To make it count for who? It never counted for us.Oh so they say and what the fuck do they know? They are not willing to take any chances.I miss you too and hold you so dearly in my heart./Rene Superb Musicianship, Superb Voice of Dewy Ellis, Superb lyrics author: Tony Stagelight Lover, best track, intro grabs your attenion straight away. Dewy Ellis has a beautiful voice. great intro, vocals, intensity of expression . author: Twin I had seen this title then I saw the info on CDBABY I bought my first single in a dozen years-on CD. Great intro the song has flavor and style-They squeezed in just about everything with a delicious intensity of expression. Dewy and Rene are a celebration! shes very real, and her emotions come right through the music. the songs are li author: wish i like how the music has emotion. the songs are like stories. musicianship is detailed and beautiful. it rocks!!! author: Geo I heard the sample on AOL, and am ordering the CD. Loved Stagelight Lover. I loved Stagelight Lover. I would like to hear more songs by her. author: Infinity I listened to the songs from your group. My favorite song was Stagelight Lover. She has a unique voice. I liked the whole CD, in general, but Stagelight Lover is the BEST!


LAST NIGHT IN TIDIOUTE Awards! Track of the Day on 6May2008 in Blues Rock Best Male Vocals in Blues Rock, week of 16Jun2008


LAST NIGHT IN TIDIOUTE Top Notch Performance Long intro of talking and laughing, music doesn't start until 1:47 When the music starts it is full of intensity and pure energy. Live recording; sounds like it would have been amazing and full of raw energy to have seen live. Song has a rockin Doors/Jim Morrison feel and sound. The lead singer really knows how to charge the audience. - opnsrc Currently..., Ontario, Canada


LAST NIGHT IN TIDIOUTE Live & right on!! Really tight, great live performance, nice vocals, wonderful piano workout. This is the blues!! Not sure what the intro was all about but whatever! Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Production. - richard_ripley Westfield, Indiana


LAST NIGHT IN TIDIOUTE Great voice I love the feeling of,you know the feeling of old routes it sound so mouch better than the new electronic Sh--- Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Production. - Rickenbacker77 Edsbyn, Sweden


LAST NIGHT IN TIDIOUTE That was worth waiting!!! People laughing...That must be funny, but I don't understand it. Long time waiting for your music. I hear a live recording. I am happy surprised! That was worth waiting! I can hear you guys have great party up there. Cool song. And everybody is enjoying. That's been for sure a great concert. Rock on. Extra Credit: Beat, Mood, Most Rocking Track. - erikberton Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain


LAST NIGHT IN TIDIOUTE I Remember Back! Nice Intro. Good tight vocals with the rhthymn section sitting right where they're suppose to. Nice keyboards. Good vocals , as I said nice and tight! Extra Credit: Originality, Grooviest Rhythm. - Jamblasters Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


LAST NIGHT IN TIDIOUTE hello This song is cool, The performance is good, the piano is cool. The in and out crowd was fun. - rmusgrave1427 Scranton, Pennsylvania


LAST NIGHT IN TIDIOUTE please get straight to the music I'm glad that i fast forwarded...I can't believe that it took 1:50 to get into the music...Once you started playing wasn't bad at all...Good job overall. Loved the bass and the harmonica was jamming. Vocals were great which is a rare thing to find here at garageband...Music was great just play the music sooner next time. You still get 5 stars from me - theorangeshore Galloway, Ohio



Houston Chronical

LAST NIGHT IN TIDIOUTE the intro is confusing... Is this a live song? it sounded fucking great! especially as a live recording. Great harmonica, great guitar. Screaming vocalsw/slamming piano. it is great!!! - DrunkenM Houston, Texas

Jersey Review

LAST NIGHT IN TIDIOUTE ROCKIN BLUES LIVE I can't make out the intro, but I get the feeling somethin is comin. After a James Brown style intro to the audiance, the music splashes threw the speakers with a Rockin Blues Beat and doesn't stop, or loose pace.The singer is up front and great. The recording is hard to judge without knowing the details and the problems involved. Someone found it worth it to save this song and so do I. The performance is captured and the verdict is in. This is ROCKIN BLUES LIVE. This is ONE OF A KIND. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Mood, Originality, Most Rocking Track. - ALMCKINNON Maple Shade, New Jersey

Garageband-United Kingdom

LAST NIGHT IN TIDIOUTE Baffling. Aha - a real garage recording? Not sure we need all the chat at the beginning - especially as it's entirely unintelligible, then suddenly switches to a much clearer sound at 57 seconds. That's a completely wasted minute of anyone's time. 0 points for performance. Then, in the next recorded section, there's more chat that wastes another 40 seconds. This isn't production, this is arrangement - and part of the performance, so I feel justified in hitting the band for this remarkable goof. When the song finally hits (I wonder how many people have actually listened this far, given that GB reviewers are only required to listen to the first 90 seconds!) - it's powerful and bright, and I wonder why comments on the production are explicitly not asked for - it's a very clean live recording with a good mix. The execution is spot-on for the song, although I personally did not dig the piano splat that appeared to drive the audience wild - in fact, that applause is starting to drive me absolutely mad ! Then there's another random piano moment that shoots across everything wrecking an otherwise acceptable, energetic if somewhat unoriginal bluesy number. The performance is very energetic, and the band clearly work together on the whole . - Certif1ed Here, United Kingdom


LAST NIGHT IN TIDIOUTE STRONG, STRONG, STRONG! Strong, wow I really like this one everything about this song is good perfomance is great, vocals are great, love the blues sound in the gutiars, would like to see the show that went with the thing I think it should be looonger! great work Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Mood, Most Rocking Track. - dmcfarland11 Houston, Texas


LAST NIGHT IN TIDIOUTE Now that's kickin' it Yow yow yow that keyboard makes me wanna jump up and shout along with the chorus and the rest of the crowd. Great beat, nicely arranged, sounds like a heck of a lot of fun. Gotta question the two minute intro before you start up, probably more effective with the video. Excellent song once you got goin', I enjoyed that. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, Beat, Mood. - vernalequinox Tulsa, Oklahoma Now that's kickin' it Yow yow yow that keyboard makes me wanna jump up and shout along with the chorus and the rest of the crowd. Great beat, nicely arranged, sounds like a heck of a lot of fun. Gotta question the two minute intro before you start up, probably more effective with the video. Excellent song once you got goin', I enjoyed that. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, Beat, Mood. - vernalequinox Tulsa, Oklahoma


LAST NIGHT IN TIDIOUTE Live show for best friends? That's the first impression )))) Music started by the end of second minute - but my waiting wasn't in vain! "Waaaaaah-do-day" )))))) Nice riot in the end! - JetBoogie

Kitty Kat

LAST NIGHT IN TIDIOUTE Kitty-Kat Review Performance: Live recording .. Lot of talking at the beginning .. Not sure what thats about ???Waiting for the Music ... Ok Im glad I waited .. Steady Blues Rock guitar shinning through and the band just blends so well .. Great Kickin Track grabbed me straight away .. Excellent all elements are tops .. - Kat_Speel Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


OH,HOW I LOVE YOU let the good times roll upbeat blues blue grass. i imagine this track as a black and white smokey bar room type, cigarrete, jack daniels..... a bit of the rolling stones vibe going on too.... a crazy track at times. a real raw edge guitar riff brings the band in, comfortably loose and relaxed but tight as a tight thing can get tight. no fancy sound effects just good old rock n roll. with the vocal all the way, even the howl at 2.25. great riff as the main hook. really like the guitars but even more the gob iron. if only i could play a harmonica that well. neat drums, does everything well and at the right time, not trying to run the show. spot of keyboard floating in there too. nice.... arrangement is solid. excellent performaces all round Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, Beat, Mood, Originality. - Colonel_Mustard Lincoln, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom


OH,HOW I LOVE YOU Fun in a bag Nice and upbeat and the note bends out of tune sound quirkily interesteting. I like the harmonica and the energy being presented by the singing is great. the lyrics are a little boring Im afraid, but then again this isnt a song whihc is about getting deep or philosphical. The drums work great and the bass boggie is fun and danceable. A great fun song Extra Credit: Male Vocals. - thewakingparty


OH,HOW I LOVE YOU Get Your Rocks Off Proper upfront rocking tune, what we'd probably call Pub Rock in the UK. Lotsa harmonica, twelve bar style bass, early Stones type lyrics but it's the sort of stuff that instantly brings a smile to your face and that's no band thing. It's a rocker, That said, this is well done so enjoy if you like that sort of thing. Still smiling... - NicholsonBurr Tunbridge Wells, Kent, United Kingdom


OH,HOW I LOVE YOU Bluesy nice. A very bluesy and raw sound right from the start. I'll bet this is a fantastic band to see live. The guitars and drums have a very live feel, but also sound well produced. The organ adds a lot in the middle, and I like that the song breaks down. Not much to suggest on this song. It's just a nice blues song. - fadedpaprfigurs


OH,HOW I LOVE YOU bluesfest, retromania oh yeah, this is a bluesfest a la Stones style and my fav as it's very retro. Nice harmonica and old skool feel that is both engaging and warm. Makes you wanna get up and dance to it. Could be from the sixties so that's real talent. The production is good and kinda lo-fi which suits the song style so no worries folks. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Production, Originality, Best Feel Good Track. - electrobuddha Airdrie, Lanarkshire


OH,HOW I LOVE YOU serious or ironic? serious or ironic? either way, this track captures the whole rock n roll vibe perfectly.jagger-esque vocals, harmonica, guitar riffs.good old rock n roll Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Mood, Best Feel Good Track. - blurst222 Waterbury, Connecticut


OH,HOW I LOVE YOU Rock! Great fucking Stonesy guitar! Seriously awesome tones and tasty playing. Last 15 seconds or so are hilariously awesome. Love the raw and powerful vocals (lyrics are a bit cliche, though). Percussion is the weakest part of this song, but it ain't bad. What can I say? This song was a fun little romp, and I'll check out your other stuff. Thanks! Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Most Rocking Track. - Gakk Fayetteville, Arkansas


OH,HOW I LOVE YOU veeery nice. ohu yeah! This song rocks. A wonderful rock/blues song with great sounds, very nice voice (dirty enough for this genre), the guitars and the harps are married perfectly. The solo is original and it have a great entry in the song. lyrics classical but lovable. the melody is very dragging. my feet under the table go up and down.... GOOD! Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Melody. - erzapound Sassari, Sardinia


OH,HOW I LOVE YOU Nice jam! This is a fun song to listen to! Made me want to go chug a few beers! Great musicianship all around! Nice to hear someone blow the harp in a rock band who knows whats going on. Great guitar solo! Not at all what I expected to hear, but I was sold right away. Lyrics are kinda stale, but hey, the mood is there, so who cares! I'd be willing to bet your live shows are a great time for all! Tight band! Extra Credit: Guitars, Keyboards, Beat, Mood, Originality, Best Feel Good Track. - benny1978 Greenville, Ohio


OH,HOW I LOVE YOU cool vibe the harmonica, tambourine, etc. really fill out the sound here and it's great. this riff though, and the lyrics are very done before. organ sounds great too now that i notice it. you guys have a really cool sound, great vocals. i would say consider adding harmonies to create a variance between parts and divide the song up a bit (currently it seems like one big jam), and again strive for uniqueness. cool tune guys - thebrotherwhys Chicago/Champaign, Illinois


OH,HOW I LOVE YOU Burnin' Excellent riff with the harmonica throught. I like the vocalist, but maybe he's too high in the mix. Cool rockin' track. Props on the organ. Extra Credit: Mood. - skypets Asheville, North Carolina


OH,HOW I LOVE YOU Great Guitars The guitars in the intro sound brilliant. They made me wonder what wonderful new sound I was going to experience. The rest of the song comes in and I am no longer expecting anything original. It breaks into a solid blues rock track. A very pro one at that. The performances here are top notch (as well as the recording). The vocalist really screams. The arrangement is neat. The musicianship of the instrumentalists here is quite apparent. This is a gelled, mature band Completely pro, top of form for the genre. Really well done. Greats tones throughout....the sounds chosen sound great. The late 70's guitar solo at the end was a nice surprise...unexpected touch...definitely the top of the Blues Rock heap. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Production. - Constabulary Seattle, Washington


FOR "HIGH SOCIETY Awards! Best Guitars in Rock, week of 13Oct2008 Best Drums in Rock, week of 13Oct2008 Best Mood in Rock, week of 13Oct2008


HIGH SOCIETY Wow!! Listen to This. Very explosive vocals. The guitar has a funky, cool beat and is brilliant, yet simple. The live recording itself makes it difficult to consistently hear the subtleties in the drums, but they actually fill in very nicely with the rest of the music. The solo is excellent. The guitarist has the opportunity to sound off after relatively simply strumming away. The band flat out knows how to perform live. With a producer this song has no limit. It could really be a great rock song. Personally I have never been a fan of live recordings of music, for anyone. I made an early decision not to listen to the entire song when it started out for this reason alone -- but I couldn't. It's a great song. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Lyrics, Melody, Mood. - PSmash Van Nuys, California


HIGH SOCIETY Tight cuts, good tune The performance was definitely good. It was effective when the band cut together and came back in. The melody was also to my liking. cool tune! Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Beat. - PeteSanchez Dix Hills, New York


HIGH SOCIETY Great sound I really like the upbeat sound of the music. Everyone seems to be really synchronized with each other. The music is really catchy and the guitar solo has a really "soulful" feel to it. The song is well put together and I can definitely say the performance made me want to be there watching you on stage. The only thing I didn't really care too much for was the lyrics. The music is so well played that I just feel the lyrics could have had more substance. All in all I loved the song and you should definitely keep doing what you are doing. Good luck! Extra Credit: Guitars, Beat, Best Feel Good Track. - Yerosha Oxford, Alabama


HIGH SOCIETY Awesome live feel. Good work. This sounds completely live and it sounds like recorded in the late 60's/early 70's. This is a very original idea. I like the song a lot too. Reminds me of something Vietnam-era... Woodstock stuff. The performance is tight, yet raw. By the way, that bass is working hard. Love it. Good guitar solo... sort of makes me suspicious that this will be removed because it's not an original by an unsigned band... lol. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Mood. - GraniteROCKS Kokomo, Indiana


HIGH SOCIETY Hello Live and personal. The bass is very good. Its hard to hear everything in this mix as I'm sure you know, but as far as I can tell, everything , ie, drums and such are right on. It has a nice rock/funk/blues thing going. - rmusgrave1427 Scranton, Pennsylvania


HIGH SOCIETY Good Live Band. Sounds like a rocking live show. Searing guitar and it sounds like you have the crowd involved. Hard to hear all of the mix, but it sounds very professional. Extra Credit: Guitars. - mickeysmethod Missoula, Montana


HIGH SOCIETY Hard to review It's hard to review this song because of how bad the recording is. However, I understand you don't want production reviews so I'll do my best to review what I've heard. As far as performance, I really like the energy you put into it. It sounds like you get really into you shows. Kinda a different sound, but seems like it'd be fun to see live. I think my favorite part of this song is probably the guitar solo. It sounds like the guitarist is just absolutely insane, in a good way. He's do a lot of raw stuff in there, very cool. Overall, again, it's hard to review this song and give it a fair review because of the recording. But, the performance seemed pretty upbeat and fun so keep up the good work. - GoldenDave Paulding, Ohio


COMING HOME TOMORROW Just like a Rollin' Stone... I mean that literally. Vocals on this song have an uncanny similarity to Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones. This is a great marriage of country and rock. These guys are a party band when they play live - I can tell! I'd like to hear the vocal a little more prominently in the mix than it is. I like the transition to falsetto on the part of the lead vocal. Good dynamic to create some interest. Great harmonies. Guitar is rockin'. Percussion is interesting in a good way. Like the sparse addition of the Honky Tonk piano. Being a fan of the rolling stones, I'd be happy to see these guys at a live music venue sometime. Extra Credit: Male Vocals. - SaraLynnBand Lower Mainland, Canada


COMING HOME TOMORRW Awards! Track of the Day on 3Jan2008 in Country


COMING HOME TOMORROW loveit we love it the music and the guitar and the music and thebass Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Bass, Lyrics, Beat. - michelleh


COMING HOME TOMORROW Great raw sound Has a great raw live sound. I could picture myself listening and watching you live inconcert and really enjoying this one. Extra Credit: Most Rocking Track. - RobertHall Lancaster, Kentucky


COMING HOME TOMORROW Good song nice performance and cool song. sounds like some old school in there. keep on rockin' - RobbyRigsbee Jonesboro, Arkansas


COMING HOME TOMORROW Rockin! Right off, made me think of the Stones or even the Georgia Satellites. The performance sounded good, sounded a little like a live performance. The song had a lot of personality. The vocal was strong. Generally, I like the song. Extra Credit: Mood, Most Rocking Track. - SteveTraycee Aurora, Colorado


COMING HOME TOMORROW A rocker This song is edgy, rockabilly style in my opinion right from the start. Almost a Van Halen feel provided by the lead vocalist. A couple of un-paired breaks where maybe there should not be in the song. Harmonica is rocking and the over-all mix is pleasant. Love the melody of the song. - shawnalynn Brentwood, California


COMING HOME TOMORROW Comin' Home Tomorrow Your performance Is pretty good Rock-in-roll! Sounds a lot like the Roling Stones to me, not very country. I love silde guitar, and there is plenty of it here. this is a rockin'track! Keep it up! Good luck. Drop us a line at brown123. Thanks Extra Credit: Most Rocking Track. - brown123 Jamesville, North Carolina


COMING HOME TOMORROW Sounds crazy and edgy. Lots of rough edges. Vocals could use some work, but much more compelling than the standard, overproduced crap. I can almost smell the beer. I like the funky guitar lick. Work on the vocals and you are there. - kjelanderson Victoria, British Columbia, Canada




COMING HOME TOMORROW Ricks review Good Boogie Woogie Country song,It kinda has A Rolling Stone Rock Edge to it. Lots of key ingredients to keep ones attention focused. Good Vocals,you can tell this ain`t no Rookie singin! Very good Guitar Riffs. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Lyrics, Mood, Most Rocking Track. - rickstavely Prince George, British Columbia, Canada


COMING HOME TOMORROW I'm coming back This surely cannot be country - it sounded more like a Rolling Stone performance. I can just see this singer running across the stage and doing all these funky giraations. Had a nice little piano teaser in the instrumental break. Melody slowed then picked up - exactly like the British style. Of course, you couldn't understand a word he was singing except for the hook - I'me coming home tomorrow. Right out of the Stones song. The instruments dominated the number making the lyrics even harder to pick up. He may be coming home tomorrow but where's he been? And don't bring this song home with you. - btanabe La Canada, California


COMING HOME TOMORROW Oh my This is so not Country. Sounds more like the Rolling Stones to me. Wow, not my cup of tea at all. - HankGrant Madison, Tennessee


COMING HOME TOMORROW wicked sinners you have potential to be big stars,wicked vocals! Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Melody, Beat, Most Rocking Track. - SACREDLAND Http, //Www.Robinshaw.Ca, Canada:


COMING HOME TOMORROW Live Performance Nice vibe and lots of great energy. The beat was awesome setting a really cool mood. This would probably be a great live performance, in fact it sounds live now. I like the song. - MikeParrish Houston, Texas


COMING HOME TOMORROW Original Stuff Here! Nice rockiing intro caught my attention. This song would do well in the rock or pop genre as well. I liked the vocal effects used, as well as the jamming lead guitar. Excellent swing feel on keyboards. The song has a catchy melody, in particular the ending of each chorus with the musical staccato. Overall, this is just a fun song, for me, reminiscent of the rosk songs in the late 70's, when music was free and you could experiment with just jamming and having fun. we need more original stuff like this! Extra points awarded for originality! (Nice harmonica and bass in the end!) Extra Credit: Originality. - djmeca Newmarket, New Hampshire

REVIEWERS PICKS AWARDS'(oo)(oo) I've Been Calling

(OO) (OO) I'VE BEEN CALLING Awards! Track of the Day on 19Feb2007 in Power Pop Best Male Vocals in Power Pop, week of 19Feb2007 Best Guitars in Power Pop, week of 28May2007 Best Production in Power Pop, week of 19Feb2007 Best Production in Power Pop, week of 28May2007 Best Beat in Power Pop, week of 19Feb2007


I'VE BEEN CALLING OMG, I'm getting aroused Ok, this might just already be a song, but that didn't stop Jet from making that Iggy Pop song. Oh my god this is like Wham when the vocals kick in. I am stuck on the whole 80's nature of this song, not Quiet Riot, more like i think I said Wham. Who is this? can I talk to them? what is going on. This is everything I like, Huey Lewis, etc. My mind is blown away... Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Production, Lyrics, Melody, Beat, Mood, Originality. - drrobjob Columbus, Ohio




I'VE BEEN CALLING Nice I was expecting a girl to start singing but I was suprised and the vocals fit well with the music. The drums sound like a drum machine but if its a drummer he is a machine and it sounds good it fits the music. The hook is very catchy. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Melody, Best Feel Good Track. - DropDeadBeats Long Beach, California


I'VE BEEN CALLING Yea! The guitar is an immediate listener attention grab. The sound is great and the effects are cool. Your vocalist has a great voice and I really like how he uses it in the song. The song reminds me of some artists from the early 90s and I like that. Cool and original sound* - mcsully Henderson, Nevada


I'VE BEEN CALLING Reviewed by PUEBLO Man when this started I thought it might have been an unreleased INXS track, that is until the vocals came in, which were very good. well performed. This track has a nice vibe to it almost fine young cannibals. Overall the lyrics,arrangment and performance are great. - Josh_M312 Vancouver, Canada


I'VE BEEN CALLING Nice pop piece Nice intro, I was grooving along from the start. The guitar licks compliment eachother nicely. This is definitely a nice pop song. The simple beats and bassline is just what this song needs. The keyboard, guitar, and synth licks also add to it. I like the production on the vocals with the reverb, and female doubling. Guitar solo at 2:40 is short but sweet. - freewilly Newburyport, Massachusetts


I'VE BEEN CALLING Best tune I've reviewed in awhile Strong guitar intro. Great vocal delivery song has a cool gritty feel that overlays a real pop feel. Unique, all round excellent effort. Changing nohtin you've done great with this one I look forward to the next one. Thx, S Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Production, Melody, Beat, Mood, Originality, Best Feel Good Track. - stephenlyrical Little Rock, Arkansas




I'VE BEEN CALLING Strong Very classic rock and roll song. The vocals are pretty good, though a bit cliche'. The drums sound like they're being produced by a drum machine, and they may be, for all I know. Good dance tune. Extra Credit: Best Dance Track. - handmedowns Springfield, Missouri


I'VE BEEN CALLING fine young cannibals brother mark cannibal the drums were straight forward, extremely catchy arrangement. I could see this potentially on tv. I couldnt tell when the bridge, happened. So perhaps a key change would have suited it. - eskimorobot Tacoma, Washington


I'VE BEEN CALLING Wow I liked the intro and was waiting for the vocal to disappoint me. It did not. This is a great song all around. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Production, Originality. - troychapman Dekalb, Illinois

New York City

I'VE BEEN CALLING great song I really like the way the song flows. I'm sitting at work right now and it really helps to pass tht time. Great vocals and guitars, fantastic job! Extra Credit: Guitars, Production, Best Potential Movie Soundtrack. - ColinMcShane New York


I'VE BEEN CALLING Quite nice indeed! Very '80s. I like the intro, and very good production overall. Great guitar tones. The drums are pretty machine-like, but that goes well with this style. The actual drum part works well and supports the song nicely. The lead singer has a good voice, and the vocals are well performed and well recorded. Great lead guitar break - very Crowded House. The bridge is well done - the whole song is well done. Not much I can suggest in the way of improvements on this one. Super job. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Production, Beat, Mood. - CopperScott Waco, Texas


I'VE BEEN CALLING Nice work Great mix already, 4 seconds in! Great lead tone on the intro. That synth part jams! Great job bringing in the palm muted guitar part in in the second half of the verse. Really gives the song momentum. This song is just 80's as hell. I dig it! Good job with the subtle synth layering. Good use of effects in the pre-chorus. Great job having melodic contrast between sections. The "punchy" melodic feel in the chorus really seperates it from the more "wordy, flowing" verse. Nice production in the bridge. Great breakdown at 3:03! - amadeus_x Lincoln, Nebraska


I'VE BEEN CALLING Nice Good clean sound. Solid performance altough nothing too intricate. Guitar playing varied and interesting. Varied for the choice of notes and also for sounds. The riffs hook me. Good short melodic solo at 2:40 with a pleasant sound change. Agreable voice with hooking melody; could be a little bit more energic (not agressive) to fit with the power guitar chords specialy in the refrain. We can find example of this energy that I mean at about 1:50. About the drums, they are effective but I'm really wandering if it's a loop or real player. I would like more variety and fills. Not too much keyboards, but their contribution to the track enhance it at the good moments. Extra Credit: Production, Melody. - quaternr Quebec City, Quebec, Canada


I'VE BEEN CALLING Nice 80's sounding pop/rock... Overall its good song, with very good production. It takes a little bit too long to get to the chorus, and the verse is a little lacking in interesting melodic content. That being said, I really enjoyed the chorus and bridge. It's very "poppy", but thats a good thing in my book. Its got a nice 80's pop sound, but it doesnt sound at all like the other "80's influenced" pop/rock that is currently out there. Good job. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Production, Originality, Grooviest Rhythm. - skoober Elmira, New York


I'VE BEEN CALLING Seal & The Mechanics Very cool opening and it's about the right length. The singer reminds me a bit of Seal and is hitting the right notes. He is a bit too low in the mix during the verse. I enjoyed his vocal inflections and phrasing in the verses. The song is very late 80's early 90's in sound and feel. The drums need to go somewhere. The same sound and pattern gets a touch irritating for a song that really wants to cut loose and feels like it is being restrained. I enjoyed the track and will give it another listen. It has a terrific future if you allow its true potential energy to flow. Get a kick A rock drummer to fire it up. You might want to increase the tempo a couple of clicks. The pre-chorus reminds me of Mike & The Mechanics. The bridge was fine. It didn't generate sufficient excitement going back into the verse. You're pretty darn close. I would recommend you take this track to a good producer! Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Melody. - caperad London, England, United Kingdom


I'VE BEEN CALLING Tight, crunchy If Chicago had had any balls at all, it might have sounded something like this. Smooth, soulful vocals but with some great crunchy pop guitars backing it up. Not a big fan of the techno-drums, though. Love the brief instrumental break, too. Leads straight into the bridge, then a cool stop. Yes! Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Production. - kgramone Louisville, Kentucky


I'VE BEEN CALLING Cool tune, POP ROCK lives! Real nice fade-in intro. Strong drum beat and a simple, melodic, memorable lead guitar lick. The guitar part at times reminds me of something Badfinger might have done.Vocals are very good especially when he hits the falsetto at the end of a line. The harmony vocals give the extra boost in the hook. I'm not real crazy about the synth part or the sort of...Linn drum sounding thing. I really like the guitar solo going into the bridge. Also that ooh,ooh thing is memorable. The rhythm is pretty straight forward (good thing). The cut-off chord structure..standard, but effective. Bop-bop bop, bop bop, every time! Extra Credit: Guitars, Melody, Grooviest Rhythm. - gritchie Wimberley, Texas


I'VE BEEN CALLING Full of surprises I have to tell you, I wasn't sure about this track during the first verse. It seemed to drag along a little bit. You hit it in the chorus. It is such a contrast. The chorus and bridge just plain rock. Sort of remind me of prince. Verse reminds me of seal. I know its hard to just change a major part of the song, but I think it would help drastically to come up with something a little more melodic and upbeat for the verse. Thats my only complaint with the track. Production is great - I love the synths. Drums sound good - clean and crisp. Very well done overall. Thanks for sharing Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Keyboards, Programming, Production, Originality. - vaso Boyne City, Michigan


I'VE BEEN CALLING love the guitar! the guitar sounds soo good. i love it the the vocals were actually pretty strong. dude has a good voice - i suggest the vocalist jumping on some r&b tracks. sounds like his voice has a little too much soul for this poppy guitar music sound really reminds me of prince - RustyJ Oswego, New York


I'VE BEEN CALLING Very good pop song! The guitar riff a the beginning is cool and reminds me 80's kind of riff. Your lead singer has a good voice and he puts the right feeling in the song. Your use of back vocals is pretty intersting. I like your chorus, 'cause it's catchy and easy to remember. The bridge is cool and I like the effects that you use in it. However, it stops too fast. You may add a couple of bars to it to give more direction to the song. Other than that, you've done a very good job and I'm pretty sure that I'll hear this song on the radio one day. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Production, Melody, Beat, Mood, Best Dance Track. - nbtstephane


I'VE BEEN CALLING An excellent piece of work! Extra Credit: Production. - Stepcat Raleigh, North Carolina Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Production, Melody, Beat, Mood, Best Dance Track. - nbtstephane


I'VE BEEN CALLING Great Rhythm The rhythm guitar has a great sound and hook to it. The whole song has a great sound to it. The vocals are really good and the production is top notch. This has HIT written all over it. Excellent!! Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Production, Beat. - mrdt Cookeville, Tennessee


I'VE BEEN CALLING professional sounding AOR pop song Really cool intro with super clear drums and rhythm guitars .. I thought it was a bit like Orson. But then the vocals came in - it's adult orientated fm rock really. With "ooh-ooh baby" lyrics and slightly 80's pop C & W /Eagles guitar influences. Not my cup of tea really, but it is catchy, the vocal performance is very professional as is the every element of the track. Extra Credit: Production. - co_ordination Birmingham, United Kingdom


I'VE BEEN CALLING Pure Power Pop All in all this song is THE definition of Power Pop. Great sounds, catchy hooks, fun melody. This sounds little like early Todd Rundgren, when he was still writing pop songs. There are plenty of 60s and 70s infulences at work here (Todd R., Beatles, Byrds, Big Star, Sweet, etc). Production wise the guitars and keys really reflect the same 60s/70s era. Vocally things get a little buried in the mix sometimes, but nothing too terrible. The only little thing I didn't like is the drum line. I feel it gets repetitious and I got a little bored by it. The song is really well crafted, the verse, chorus and bridge are all well defined and lead naturally into one another. But I feel you could punch them up with better percussion lines that suited each section. On the whole this is a great tune. - SadBanjo Cincinnati, Ohio


Southern local area bands

Rene Labre Group Rene Labre: Lead Vocals, All Guitars, Piano, Organ and Harmonica Marvin Brown: Drums, Vocals and Percussion Chip Collins: Bass, synthesizers and vocals Rene Labre is a southern roots project from South Florida that in my opinion defines the essence of what local music should be. While it may be questionable whether or not they would be well received on the national front, the passion and desire are what sets the band apart from the typical local music pack. Delivering up a dish of southern rock and blues, you can't help but hear the gritty Dixie delivery and feel by not only from the vocal delivery that's shared among the bands members, but just as much so musically and without the need for slide guitar to prove its point. With a handful of CD's in distribution, the music from this 3 piece project covers a wide range of styles from straightforward blues and Gospel to funky Allman Brother type riffs and instrumentals. The vocal-less performance of Crawdaddy County 911 additionally displays the bands capabilities with the inclusion of xylophone effects that brings the 70's feel into complete fruition. Rene Labre leads the pack with his multi instrumental ability and is very well rounded out by Marvin Brown and Chip Collins who provide ample background instrumentation and vocal assistance to their leader to create a total Southern feel that is unmistakably sound. This compilation of seasoned musicians who were in their prime while most of us were not even a gleam in our parents eyes proves that a variety of different influences can package a powerful punch between the brows. With such a strong musicianship at the helm, there's almost no way to avoid the toe tapping ferocity of Rene Labre which is spookily reminiscent of SLABMusic's own Jane Ivy. So visit their website at and get a taste of the South uniquely delivered in a neat and tidy performance. Chris Horton © 2004 All rights reserved.

Outtake Review "The Easy Ride"intro Then when the vocals come in it reminds me of those 70's bands that came in the wake of ABBA. I love the harmonica, it gives the whole song a distinctive character. It is such a nice touch. This is like the musical equivilent of being in a costume shop, preparing for a fancydress party. So many colours and textures. Incongruity abounds. I think this must be a band because,despite this musical "flitting about" there is something that anchors the sound, keeps it rooted and coherent. The players are all coming from the same place, going in the same direction. There is much to critcise technically I suppose. Sometimes the voice is a little off in places, the recording is not top notch clear and there are areas that could be polished up. But these are elements. And magic is not about the elements. Magic is about the whole experience,the general impression., the overall appreciation. This sounds like a group of Happy, fun living wizards Excellent stuff. - gilderfish N'pton, United Kingdom


CRAWDADDY COUNTY 911 Awards! Track of the Day on 15Jan2008 in Blues Rock Best Bass in Blues Rock, week of 14Jan2008 Most Original in Blues Rock, week of 21Jan2008 Rocking Track in Blues Rock, week of 21Jan2008



Crawdaddy County 911 the "rock" is back in bluesrock cool song and excellent recording. Beautiful tone all thru. Tap your foot to this one. guitar,harp steal the show but everyon's on board. Nice chord changes and the song is not "to tight" ala pro tools. Hats off to you. Telephone player rocks!!! Love the guitar tone change at the bridge. What, no vocalist?? Extra Credit: Guitars. - denlore123 Upstate, New York

CRAWDADDY COUNTY 911 funny intro Intro was not expected, but then you go right into a very funky groove with the guitar. Sweet. I like the tambourine along with it too, and the acoustic slide is a very nice touch. This is interesting. Actually, excellent slide playing, very delta. Harp palying is cool too, I hear a lot of Southern blues influence here. The guitars interact very well, tight band. - Wetland10 Morganville, New Jersey

CRAWDADDY COUNTY911 A HREF="|pe1|S8LTM0LdsaSjY1S0YG5zV8xuY1GSIsw_"> Hi there Groovy..yeah I like, original. A surf touch. I can't say anything bad about this, just pure feel-good-music without any lame pretentions. You Rock!! My oh my is that a vibraphone? Awesome. Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Beat, Originality, Most Rocking Track. - evilemil

CRAWDADDY COUNTY 911 Yer On Yer Own No 911? :( Great riffs get you into the tune/instrumental. Nice tambourine and slide guitar. Song not afraid to take its time getting from point to point. Rewards waiting with interesting things: harmonica symphony, nice tones, well thought-out composition. Sounds like the soundtrack for Life Aquatic a little in its meandering through bizarre motifs. Cool! - priestunes Chicago, Illinois

CRAWDADDY COUNTY 911 nice The intro is hilarious. Performance seems fine to me, Guitar sounds great and so does everything else. Over all this is a pretty good song in my opinion. I like it. Keep it up - Ryan_Achata Chattanooga, Tennessee

CRAWDADDY COUNTY 911 lol lol great intro. I had no idea what I was in for when this song started, it was a great suprise. Everything sounds great! Normally I would say that a song this long with no vacal is way too long but I didn't feel that way with this one. Extra Credit: Originality. - rtaves Welland, Ontario, Canada

CRAWDADDY COUNTY 911 Fine blues song Fine blues song with a lot of country influence.Guitar is great, performance is good, a bunch of instrument are jumping in this song! Extra Credit: Guitars,Arrangement Drums, Programming, Melody, Mood, Most Rocking Track. - mind_overtaker


CRAWDADDY COUNTY 911 Great Feel This is a great blues rock song. I love the slide guitar and the inference that there is no law here!! The performance is great - sounds like everyone is having a great time. There is a lot of interest here. The keyboard is a great contrast althought the hook at 2.38seems a bit out of character at the start although as it moves it grooves! I like the guitars and original feel. Extra Credit: Guitars, Originality, Most Rocking Track. - FrankMacias/Sydney,Austrailia

CRAWDADDY COUNTY 911 jam on Well, im guessing 1 min and 20 into this one it's a jam and you are definitely jamming and slamming keep it rocking out there - misslowery Fayetteville, North Carolina

CRAWDADDY COUNTY 911 zydeco jams! this is a super cool song and it is super original. i don't even know the name of that instrument where you hit the tiles with sticks but its awesome. i think the performance across the board is exceptional. i love it all every instrument every solo. nice nice nice. that is some spicy ass acoustic playing! super good tone greta playing! i love it. 5's all the way from me! Extra Credit: Mood, Originality. - drushton2002 Spring Hill, Florida

Underground Press Reviews

CRAWDADDY COUNTY 911 Swampy Great performance all around. The band is certainly tight. I the musical sigh of relief that came in around 2:30 only to get punched in the gut again about 30 seconds later. The break was well executed. There was a teaser for a jam during the break but it sounded as if the band resisted the temptation. Bravo. The punch came back in right on time. Overall I am very impressed with the instrumentation. Usually I get bored with instrumentals but this tune kept me interested. Extra Credit: Drums, Most Rocking Track. - UndergroundPres Virginia Beach, Virginia

CRAWDADDY COUNTY 911 Great sounds that Rock! I like the phone coversation intro... very cool and different! and then the track takes off nicely with cool guitar and slide playing. the blues harp comes in at the right time and breaks things up, so does the bass gutar solo. Nice job of intergrating sounds, a very interesting mix of textures all in one track! a real nice piece of music, beginning to end. Extra Credit: Guitars, Bass, Production, Mood, Originality, Most Rocking Track. - Luweege Si, Ny, New York

Web review

CRAWDADDY COUNTY 911 Good groove goin'on! Really good slide intro. Overall nice performance with a good vibe, and I just like that slide work!This has to be an american band,nobody anywhere else would even think to play like this! Extra Credit: Guitars, Bass, Beat, Mood. - Gilles_P8 Cogolin, France


CRAWDADDY COUNTY 911 Is this ELO - No its Better Is this ELO - No its Better Its the Blues Oh and how you play is electric and Fun loving the dynamics and the heat is smokin I love it - Kat_Speel Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


TEEN AMERICA THEME Rockkin This track shreds like proper stadium rock. The performance is immense, I bet these guys put on a shweet show! Guitar playing is great! The skills, the skills, keep it up! Extra Credit: Guitars. - Ray_M91 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


TEEN AMERICA THEME Good Rockin What really first hit us is the nice BIG sound that this song has. Dang, you guys really got a big time stomping sound! A good Sitirical Undercurrent Rocker! Extra Credit: Drums, Production. - DaveSprague Pacific, Washington


Awards! Best Male Vocals in Indie Rock, week of 22Oct2007 Best Drums overall, week of 22Oct2007 Best Drums in Indie Rock, week of 22Oct2007 Best Keyboards in Indie Rock, week of 22Oct2007 Best Beat in Indie Rock, week of 22Oct2007 Best Mood in Indie Rock, week of 22Oct2007 Most Original in Indie Rock, week of 22Oct2007


TEEN AMERICA THEME freagin sweet intro dang those drums are rockin. a ton of energy to this song; has the swagger of the stones or the Who and a number of other garage groups from the 60s like the kingsmen or the sonics. I really like the b3. I'm definitely a sucker for it. the acoustic breakdown part starting around the 0:58 mark is pretty inspired, hadn't heard something like that in a while. It sounds like these might be older dudes making this, but its still good. Yeah, that spoken word part is straight outta brooklyn in the late 50s early 60s too. its definitely rock and would definitely make people shake it. - SnackWheat Richmond, Virginia


TEEN AMERICA THEME teen america This song starts with an awesome grab you drum riff and pulls you directly into a rolling stones sound that sounds like it might fall apart in any second... but holds together in a strong and almost reckless rock 'n roll way! I like the guitar work and bass.... and that groovy organ just slams in the background. At times it's like the who too... and this song is just... it's just... it's really just.... AWESOME! What is that middle part with the straight vocals..... Hilariously AWESOME with a good point to... learning to listen and reading are always good steps to being able to increase your perception. Teen America... listen... it's good! - groovyalien Area 51, Nevada

TEEN AMERICA THEME Oh, how I love it....amazing..... Good start, like the energetic drum kickoff. Yeah, then the music kicks in, sounds like the Who or old Jefferson Airplane. Like it a lot, I'm a sucker for the Hammond B3. Good guitar interplay, well done. Great for a movie soundtrack...I'll make a note to myself to put it into my playlist, and I have a feeling others will too. I like the spoken dialogue in the middle. Its got a great message, spacey guitars. I'm glad I found this, like another artist I caught here, and I said to him as well, you get the same thrill hearing this as you do riding in a kickass antique this case, like an old Vette or a Barracuda. They encapsulated and captured that mid 60s San Francisco sound. I could see an old commercial with this, one of those campy psychedelic commercials for Kodak with the swirly yellow and brown rainbows going in the background. This would have played well at Woodstock '69 at 6am, when all the hippies were getting fired up for another day of musical excess. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. I'm glad these band members found each other, and shared this vision. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Production, Lyrics, Melody, Beat, Mood, Originality. - noman2001 Denton, Texas

TEEN AMERICA THEME gonzo great drum intro! Vocals kinda remind me of 70's alice cooper, cool! Nice hook in the chorus, cool organ sound!very original! Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, Mood, Originality. - sixthfloor Bowling Green, Kentucky


TEEN AMERICA THEME Wow It sounds great! The sounds aren't necessarily original, in fact it felt very much like a remake of some doors song. Even still, it's got great energy, nice instrumentation, sweet vocals, and a hell of a drum intro and outtro! - fadedpaprfigurs


TEEN AMERICA THEME Rock! Hey! This really rocks! I'd say this is a good performance, really a live feeling. It's naturally engaging!the song is quite not synthetic. - OO@4696595~birdsonawire Aosta, Italy


TEEN AMERICA THEME nice really nice pace. Production is very good, and very like the who in nearly everyway. Really nice riffs, and vocals are very strong. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Production, Lyrics, Melody, Beat, Most Rocking Track. - weedlefruit

London, England,United Kingdom

TEA IN AMERICA????? the mad Who progess... Mad awesome drumming starts this one off. Rockin. Then everything else kicks in and it becomes a sort of 70s Who style rock out. A cool organ humms over the top, and a Daltry-like 'hey!' intro starts the singer off. It reminds me of 'Bargain.' and we've even got Townsend-like harmonies. I get lost a bit at the first 'tea in America' lyric line and then there is a totally unexpexccted acoustic guitar solo.The vocal samples are great and I can see whast you are doing. This really is the Who go prog rock with many many mad solos and instru - 'mental' changes. Quite intriguiing and some top thinking going on. I don't knwo if it fits 'indie' rock, but it definitely is prog ROCK. Extra Credit: Drums, Originality. - BSF London, England, United Kingdom


TEEN AMERICA THEME Nice Exciting Intro Song is huge right off the bat. The whole band comes in and it has a sort of Ray Davies meets Elvis Costello feel to it. The drums are fabulous in this track. The mix is great overall. I really love the organ solo...who does that anymore?! Awesome! This Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra band part(bridge)really showcases the musicianship here.Such a great jam...Extra Credit: Drums, Keyboards. - Constabulary Seattle, Washington


TEEN AMERICA THEME Computer Speakers are rocking Mick? Is that you? Hey nice rock vocals sound. Bass is crazy...nice work. very fat paced song with lots of virtoistic moments. Sounds like you're having fun. Sounds like Mick jagger singing with the Who...wouldn't that be is ;) - LegsLarry Toronto, Ontario, Canada


TEEN AMERICA THEME Hey Surf sounding drum into was kind of cool. Vocals remind me of The Stones in parts. Like the guitars. The Hammond b-3 organ suits the tune though, maybe it was just a little loud. Good song. - atthecurveintheroad London, Ontario, Canada


TEEN AMERICA THEME niice Cool organ sound, really grabbed me when the song started. Lots of different stuff going on, almost verging on prog-ish at times. Singer has character, as does the guitarist. I think I need to hear this a couple more times to really grasp all that's happening, but I've enjoyed the first listen, bags of energy. great work guys! Extra Credit: Mood, Originality. - OldScarlett Melbourne, Australia

TEEN AMERICA THEME fast drums the drums let you know right off this song means business. the organ almost reminds me of BTO. Overall this has an old school feel is missing nothing in the chorus. Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, Production, Melody, Mood. - CarterMitchell Shreveport, Louisiana


TEEN AMERICA THEME Rock on! I think this is what Bruce Springsteen would've sounded like if he ever visited South Park. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Mood. - ATAABOC