prophetic cd cover

I have been away for awhile and now I am back,thanks so much for the many kind comments I received.As well as the musical works I am doing in my life,I have also tried to make it an educational thing.To help with things about the business,performance,songwriting.I have been way to much turning to facebook.It has it's points and all,yet can be a Huge waste of time.Why not set up your own site and get your own thing going.If you were to concentrate on it as much as you did facebook,You would have your own radio station.And it is personal,it is from me to you.The player I have set up to autoplay,this can annoy people and you can click it off,I try to switch it around as often as I can. My most recent published work has been what I have done Capella on a Bob Dylan Tribute titled "Younger Than Yesterday." Hope you enjoy!