11,607 E-mail Scams On My Inbox...Wow!

11,607 internet pitches in my inbox and not one of them is worth two cents!I know that if you want to get into internet marketing it is a rough trip and people are preying upon the economic slowdown.Those who are successful at it learned how to do it and it took them a lot of time and effort.I am writing this blog because I am your friend to perhaps spare you from losing your last little piece of money as you endeavor to enter the autopilot world,or the land of to good to be true.Which for them is very good and for so good,in some cases bad to the tune of thousands. 1.)If it is to good to be true,then it is not true and not good! 2.)The offers are very tempting,very professional videos are being shot with the $37.50 that you handed them,the shoots are on location with good props like expensive sports cars and yachts that were not paid for with cash but borrowed or rented.Or somebody's vacation home where they bribed the caretaker."After working for 5 minutes today I like to relax by my fountain and dally with my ten virgins to my hearts content."It is hard to fathom that so many have come to such a point that a screen they are looking at is more real than life! 3.)Before you commit to any offer open a new tab and use a search engine to check it.99.99% of the time you will find the stories of people that have tested it,giving you the realistic pro's and cons, and the sadder stories of those who got burned by it.This may let you down a little bit yet console yourself in the fact that your bread is still in your pocket.And that you are just a bit more clever. 4.)BIGGIE HERE!Get yourself a junk e-mail account someplace and use that for contacts you may not trust.Do not put out your primary e-mail.At the very least they are going to sell your information to every huckleberry up and down the line.Bet in that...WORD!Get use to reading the subject lines on your own e-mails and don't open anything you can't recognize because you are letting them know your e-mail is valid.The time alone that you save is precious!Your junk e-mail account will soon have thousands of e-mails in it.Perhaps you can sell that and send their same crap back to them.I cannot think of a faster way to build a mailing list for free!Also to cover here if you inherit a couple million dollars from a departed one you are going to be contacted by an attorney via certified mail,not an e-mail.Or someone wants to trust you to invest 2 million dollars for them for which they will reward you handsomely my dear one,don't you think somebody with two million stacked could afford an attorney?These are the murkiest characters of all(419 scams),they will bleed you dry!Also to add you did not win any foreign lottery selected by your e-mail address, the Federal Government is not giving you a grant because you paid your taxes and are such a good Joe! 5.)It is not that you can't do it my friend,many people are successful and legit because they know what they are doing or outsource the right people and deliver the goods and/or services that they promote and handle any problems that come up in the course of it. Now I will do what I do best,I will play and sing for you. Peace out/like and share!

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