A Progression Of Things.

I think it is a very natural thing for a rock artist to move towards music production.The road use to be good,still is, yet I am not going to ride in a van to Kansas City to be stiffed.I did 12 years of it pretty much non-stop.That was all good and fine yet it is a grind.And if you are not operating under a contract preferably with a good booking agent you can get stuck in some rough situations.It is not the same as going on vacation,it is your business,you have places to be and things to do not just you, but everyone in the adventure, and all of you have to be pulling in the same direction.I really liked Nashville because it was not to hard to hook up with a road act.Most of the premier players did not want to hit the road they wanted to stay in town so the outcasts could dredge up the road spots.With artists that may not be big time yet still had a good fan base and steady work.The words on a flyer "DIRECT FROM NASHVILLE" carried a lot of weight.And believe me we were as direct from Nashville as you could be.You get hired to find out you are leaving for Douglass,WY tomorrow at 9:30 am.You are pretty shaky the first two weeks of the tour but then you get your groove on and fit in.Or you get sent home on a hound.I had a good agent,Marv Dennis,well worth his percentage.If we had problems on the road he would fix them.Much of this had to do with accommodations for the band when we got to town.I am not going to sleep with bedbugs to do a show.I can share space,I can roommate,do band trailer, but I have got to have a clean bed to sleep in,I must have my rest.

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