Abbey Road South?

Yes,in the Soho district of Hyde park.Very pleasant...hidden down a little side street.My duties as an executive producer require that I find way cool places to record.Yet there also has to be a high standard presented as well.Spotless control room,an organized proper format that one can import/export with ease.I have survived quite a few format nightmares in my time.Importing tracks literally done in a trailer to a major studio successfully,I mean real tracks too not cut and paste looping shit.Amazing feats of recording engineering as I am sitting in the control room thinking "oh GOD,I hope this is going to work."the tracks for "American Idol Audition" were totally lost on a Roland 4560 machine.Can you imagine getting the phone call telling you that six months of work is lost?I sat down in the engineers chair and found them converting the format to readable pro-tools importing them to Jim Morris @Morrisound recording.That was accomplished by a three way conference call to two of my engineers talking me through it.I have seen a few sessions with artists venting upon the recording engineer,because he says "wait a second." This is never a good idea.To me being in the studio is as to piloting a spaceship and it is that to.You are effectively freezing a section of time,space,and sound.It's fun!

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