Album Project Well And Running!

Yes,the single,track one is completed yet we have a film shoot going for it at the same time for a documentary/entertainment shoot.and we cannot release the track until we get a license agreement with the writers/publishers.I have three weeks that I have to hang with the film crew to shoot.It takes a lot of focus to keep that together.Good camera people not to mention my producer/director as very busy so you have to fit into time windows.This omitted a location shoot for the most part.I will do my two main scenes in my penthouse and at Abbey Road South.The sets have to be set up in advance so we can shoot quickly and professionally.IF ANYBODY ASKS YOU IF THEY CAN USE YOUR HOME AS A FILM SET TELL THEM NO!I knew what I was in for and can handle it,it would drive you crazy.I am very into filming as I am working with very cool pro people.I have to do a solo acting job on duel roles,The Horrible Anti Christ and Johnny Punchclock.

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