American Idol Audition-That Tune Is Jamming!

Yes,it is,I really love it.It was in part taking Michelle Rene from being a singer to being a songwriter and a poet.Yet there was a lot of support going into it from different areas.My first official corporate sponsorship from EEI Recycle,if not for them the session would not even exist,somehow I sold the concept to them,moreso to it's proprietor,Fritz Regner,who also did the fantastic harmonica work on the session.And Tom Morris who took over as producer for the session.It all came from Michelle Rene's heart and soul.And I guess you can tell that I am having a ball doing it!After the NYC sessions I had to get back to something much looses.The band wanted to go home studio but we neeed more time to get ready for that.I cannot do a recording session without a professional recording engineer.And for an even decent home recording studio you need to invest 25 grand and that still is not it,you will still have to go to a major studio to overdub and re-mix.For what I do for very sound reason I want to start a project in the place I am going to finish it.Well lately I like to do the rhythm tracks at Colorama studios with Leslie Payne.the more that I work with Kenney though the more I like it.But Colorama has just got this vibe going and the studio is like a livingroom complete with a fireplace.And I can choose from 300 vintage guitars to record with.The studios,man I make their day when I call in to set up a session.

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