Another Reason To Choose A Pro Studio-The Recording Mics

A shure sm57 or 58 is the best choice for live audio reinforcement.Yet that is not so for the studio.By the time your master hits an mp3 file it is going to sound very thin.Truly the shures are great mics for live work but in the studio you want to be recording into say...Neumans,three thousand dollar mics that pick up everything.You do not want to cut your acoustic guitar parts into a Shure SM 57 because the cardoid pattern of the mic is within three inches of the condenser.It is unidirectional not omnidirectional.Outside of three inches it is not picking up fully what you are doing.It was not designed to do so.I do have an exception for acoustic tracks which is my phillips cassette recorder,I just dump the microphone into the guitar soundhole and record.An example of this technique can be heard on a song I uploaded "she's a tease outtake 11" for the acoustic solo.The signal is re-wired to go direct to the mixing console.The acoustic tracks for "Closer And Closer" "American Idol Audition" "That Little Boy Of Mine" "Coming Home tomorrow" "Trying To get Out Of The Hole""Mambers only" "You Wont get Away This time" "Oh How I Love You" "Mary,Mary" "Tell Me" and "Donna" had the acoustic guitars recorded through the Phillips Cassette Deck direct to the console,also "Crawdaddy County" which also had Neuman mics on the acoustic parts.Technically I don't understand it,I just know that it produces a big and fat acoustic guitar sound.No noise.You have got to hold the guitar very still whilst recording also.Yet now the properties sonically of your acoustic work have been altered to a point where it will go toe-to-toe with your heavily amplified electric guitar work without an avalon pre-amp.

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