Another Thihng About The Live Band For A Rock Show

My favorite way to do this is with another kick ass guitarist,actually i would like to have two more guys along with mine.All very good guitarists but they are not competing it up they are playing together and weaving.The power that comes out of that synergy.I did many many power trios and solo guitar bands and it just was not as cool as having the second guitar onstage,you have to do all the power,the chords,work largely out of one position,plus most of the lead vocals.When you have a recording that people stream and download that they like on which you have done multiple tasty guitar riffs you have to re-arrange it when you play live.I would prefer two other guys actually.And I am very well developed on the guitar synth as well as a mufti-instrumentalist,so I don't always just want to play the guitar onstage.I don't want to have to carry a bunch of stuff with me.That is the only way I would roll next time.You get a confidence about things from the other guy.He inspires you to do your best.It is not an ego thing.You get this lift from one guy,how about two?But what about the money?Well yeah,the first couple of shows you do there may not be much money to share yet anybody that see's you is going to want to hear that sound again.To develop a project you have to first take the baby steps.When you have a full house waiting and fifty people lined up outside the door,you can pretty well feel that the rent and the bills are paid.You want to be BETTER live than on your record.To me for rock and roll a successful concert is a riot.I don't mean looting and killing and all of that.With all of the versions of my groups I felt we had it made when we could no longer see each other onstage because it was packed with fans.I choose not to remember the dull nights,only the riots,on the dull nights you are being paid to rehearse.

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