Are You Also A Recording Engineer?

Not certified no.Yet what happens many times is that my engineers or producers perform on my recordings so I have got to operate the console to record them.This is great fun and most often very unexpected yet when I get my files together on my people I look for engineers and producers that are also great musicians.So if somebody can't show up I have got a good back up to roll on with.I don't have a problem with my session people not showing but it is fun to surprise the recording engineer and say "would you like to do this part on the track?"A major label producer is never going to ask you that.They, in technical terms have been have been building up this song from square one so they have the arrangement down cold.They do sessions all the time for other acts.So the question would be,"can you operate the console? My reply would be "yes,briefly I can."And I did.No big deal.

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