Are You Still Doing The Music Too?Or iS Somebody Else Doing That Now?

Oh No,It still is me doing the playing,all the guitars,the basses,piano,ect...what have you.It has been that way for 20 years and I feel it is quite unique,at first it was out of budget and necessity,we could not afford studio players.I had good bands,great ones, but they always broke up at the most inconvenient times and from time to time I would get them to join in on studio projects because we are great friends through all we disagreed upon and I love what they do.Yet when it became time to record the band always broke up.Always right when we were about to move up a notch in the food chain,get on the road and start working better rooms for more money.This was always a heartbreaking thing to me,when I would look out and see a full house with 20 people waiting outside the door,other good local musicians from other bands stopping by to holler at you,well you figure you don't have to worry to much anymore.It takes a good six months of playing out steady for a band to begin to get really tight.Yet crazy variables of all kinds would enter in,key players would quit when you need them the most,you had to replace them on the fly,to many drugs,to much drink,to much womanizing.You name it,I've seen it.Thus when it came time to record all that was left was me.Starting all over again at point zero.And I was plenty pissed off too but mostly sad.Setting up our first decent US tour of good rooms with the backing of radio stations playing our songs and wanting to do in studio interviews and performances and it all just drizzled down the drain.Slipped right out of my hands.I mortgaged my home against that tour to fund it and lost my home ending up living with my son on the beach in a VW vanagon.I thought that nobody cared yet found out that someone did,the IRS, coming at me with a massive tax bill to boot which cleaned me out of my guitar collection and all of my equipment.Thanks to a dear friend I did save my Les Paul custom and my Gibson acoustic.Everything else got hauled away in a truck.I had to borrow the guitars in the studio to do "American Idol Audition."Far from wanting to quit I wanted to push even harder.The hard things you go through serve to strengthen you if you will let them.And remember that through all of this I had a son to raise.A son that was horrified at how cruel the world can be.The band wanting me to put him into foster care to get rid of him which I would not do.Oh yes,we had a meeting about that and they felt that my son was going to hold us back,my son even as an infant,ran with the big dogs.Kept right up with us,he liked it.No way was I going to change my mind on that.What they had forgotten was that shortly after my son was born I turned down a very tempting offer from a major rock band that was very well established.So it became the studio.My playground,refuge,asylum and citadel.

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