At End of day What Would You Say?

A fantastic journey and I found what I sought.So much pressure for me to turn away from who I am.After I paid all of my dues.Like that, aspirations were illegal or something.I could only be happy if I denied who I am."You were declared worthless by the mass media,is that not enough?"No because the mass media does not conceive anything,they just repeat over and over what they are told to repeat.They are just a movie playing on your TV.And the abyss between the movie they play for you everyday and about and the reality of life is staggering.All of my life since i was a child I was driven,nudged,pushed,inspired,tired...and drove towards it primary cause.Yet to make everyone really happy with me I have to deny who I am.And if I do not deny it I am going to go to hell!Um..I would wait on tables to keep it going.And you complain about me waiting on tables to keep it going as if it was YOU that was waiting on the table,And you HAD to because I want to continue to be an artist.And YOU would finally be free if I stopped.That is what it is ain't it?Perhaps you need to check yourself because it is YOU that sound insane to me,YOU do not concept life as it really is.I am of Royal Bloodline well aware of the truth of life and the history of humankind.You do not possess the means to rob me of my dignity.And I am going to rock on you see.

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