"But You Are Fla man...You Ain't Shit.

So now you have to dis my home,a land of beauty and wonder.I went really deep south to get what I wanted to have.I can assemble if need be... the resources of a kick ass rock and roll band.And we can come to Hot Springs,AK and rip your face off.Burn you really bad,ransack your town for a night.My niggers and I ruled NYC in the time that we were there to record,we OWNED the city.My men were so tight not just as rockstars but as human beings.Helping old ladies across the street in a blinding snowstorm and she would say "Will you please walk me all the way home,I am so afraid I will slip and break my hip."We all thought of that as if she were our Mom.The whole city broke out into the same cry..."who are these crazy niggers?"And please call me a nigger too...within our family it is a term of endearment.We had to do a session that was major label standard.We did not go out to eat,we brought our fish direct from the gulf.Everywhere we were we were cooking. People would complain about it until they got their plate.We were not onto drugs and not into partying,we had a record to cut.And we ripped it out of the frame.I have to let my men know,and my son, who was with us, how proud I am of them.No matter of what comes of it we will never forget.Track on on the player is what we did.

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