Can You Describe Your Style And Studio Technique?

I am a rock musician and vocalist.The studio technique changes from song to song in terms of what is required.It changes from tune to tune and studio technology has come so very far.Fortunate in my case for what I do.I have got to do a lot of overdubbing because I do so many multi-instrumental things.Yet you really can't tell can you?As high tech as it may be you still have to be concerned with economy.To do a rock record really well and solid you would go into the studio with your rock band and play your hottest live set all as live as possible.You don't have to worry to much about a click track then.And I am talking about a reaaly hot live set.Very basic,you record that in it's entirety and tweak it in the mix,master it and release it.Many top flight digital producers would love to do an album this way.Yet very few rock bands could do it like this.You have got to come with your best to do it this way.

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