Crawdaddy County Full Tilt? What That Is?

The original master of it.The version that appears on the "B" side of "She's A Tease" was way pulled in.My co-producer at that time Rob Valdez strongly suggested to do and alternative mix."It's so over the top,you still have the original I am sure."It does sound like a train wreck,that is what it is suppose to sound like.Now here is stretching a studio to it's limits.Everyone is pushing as hard as possible."Cream and Sugar" were my studio band,(Bill Bland and Jackie Green)Even to pull it in meant mostly to take off a lot of the acoustic slide work.Yet it was purposely meant to be off-the -wall.Jackie (Sugar) is exquisite on bass and Bill Bland is brilliant here doing drums,percussion,glockenspiel,rain stick,and vibes.He actually had the vibes set up at his house to hold houseplants and I asked him "do they still work?"he told me that they did and I said "You need to bring them to the studio so we can record you on them!"So I composed the 7/4 break for the vibe solo.As crazy a request as this was Bill did not blink an eye.

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