Deep Down In Mississippi-My Final Meeting With Satan

The end clue of it was how much happier I would be if I was dead.How sick is that?I get all of the good tips on how to be healthy and instructed how much better it would be if I knocked myself off.He would of course blame my son for that.Each time I go there is a little more desperation for this.What appeal does death have for the living?Everytime it is just a bit more pathetic and a bit more mentally sick.,The so sadly wasted prince of the air.No more of it I say,I do not have an obligation here.I did not want anything from here.This wasteland.All of it nothing but a waste.To embrace death.Your death.Conditions to be put in place on everything I do when I AM ALIVE AND WELL.Enslavement.The end of any type of free will.To submit myself to prescription narcotics to keep me quiet and sedated.My prefererance being to be drug free.My personal physician completly understands that.And totally agrees with it.It is hard in so many ways to accept life on the cutting edge.Yet you ought to know that if they had me they would narc me into a basket case.I would have no more contol over my life which I already accept resonsibility for

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