Define Yourself As An Artist

Primarily a recording artist and scientist.Live gigs are good and that all is fine,I am always up for that hunt.Yet to cut in stone a thing that is going to last forever and really make it say what you wanted to say,I am all at home with that.I stayed in the region that I am in because of the availability of the highest quality recording studios at the best prices.My sessions are very intense and they also are a joy and a ball to do.The one nighters nobody is going to remember them,I come from the days where you could make a living playing clubs without having to pay to play.Now for every club you have got 300 bands competing for the job and 287 of them are dogshit.For a real club act to get tight you have got to get out of the rehearsal studio and do six months live.You would play the shitholes first and then advance to the "A" circuit clubs.Build up a following.Oh god,you would be surprised how far people would follow you on a little tour.I mean from Montana to Arizona.This is what it use to be like when we were free.

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