Did You Ever Stop To Think That People May Be Laughing At You?

I would prefer laughing with me because I am laughing too.People will pay good money to laugh,which is as good medicine.And far preferred to being booed eh?IDK,I am not trying to be funny I am trying to be serious.But I am just naturally funny.I am having fun doing this,not shy or ashamed of it. I had to deal many hard times with failure,I tried my best and put every effort I could into it and it gave the ILLUSION of coming up short.The opposite pole of the ILLUSION of success.You learn over time to except failure as a lesson learned.Or if you are just dabbling with something it is easy to let it go.And good for you that you can do that!If you decided to be in for the LONG HAUL especially in the music business as a professional you had better be coming with your best!I am overjoyed with my recorded catalog.I let some live tidbits and outtakes slide by because they are kind of fun to,yet not of the highest production quality,and you will know which one's are "the slammers!"there were a couple of gigs where I was more concerned about "are they going to lynch me?" Much more so than "are they laughing at me?"I come back from the gig with dog food for my puppy.Plus bones from table scraps from the kind cooks and kitchen staff!Thank you much!

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