Did You Fall In Love With Susan?

I adore her.We were very tight childhood friends.I always loved her.It is very different from the onstage thing to existing together.She was such a wonderful person.It just was to dangerous.The white girl performing with the "The Black Beatles" what would have happened to her if the lynch mob caught up with us?Thus there was no falling in love about it,we always loved each other.It all came down to a safety issue.People wanted to murder us.She was very angry with me.I was so weeping tears too because I just wanted to be with her so bad.Such an awesome talent!Such a beautiful human being.Perhaps I failed in my life here,I don't think so,I was however it may be responsible for her safety and well being.We were fortunate in those days to escape a lot of dangerous situations.But what if she would have been caught in the middle of it?

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