Do you also have to work?Like a real job?

Unless you are going to pay my bills.Yes I do.Until you get your break you have got to work.And to keep your job you have to be reliable too.I am a good employee.When I come home I want the rent paid and when I flick a switch I want the light to go on.I live in Florida so I also have to have AC in the summer.I have already suffered enough misery in my life.For ten lifetimes really.So I have my simple thing hooked up.My penthouse and sanctuary.With duel AC's and infared sauna.My oil pet wolf and a legal insured car to drive out and about.My home office,global media...I am not afraid to go to work and get my hands dirty.I have sown good seed which is going to grow.Far beyond what I expected.I have been so rejected and so hurt yet that does not matter to me today.I can't carry that,it is senseless.I am much more into getting rid of stuff than to carry it.I move a little easier and lighter.

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