Effects On Recordings (FX)

Working in a fully equipped studio make this very nice.I like to see a great rack with twinkling Led's.The first thing I look at is the board and second look for the guitar preamp.The avalon.In digital recording this is essential.It is a given now that you are going to use reverb and delay.How you are going to use it is the question.The main first off is the layout of the EQ on the mixing board for the initial cuts,who is using what frequencies and where?Big time that you want to cut and trim here right now.Thanking your self when you get to post production.This part is all about the recording engineer.Something you do not get with a home studio.I am talking a trained professional audio engineer.Ideally and in most cases for me also a very fine musician.That is not required by the way,but it is great.They usually end up performing on the recording with me engineering.When they advise you,you want to listen to them.You want to cut the track in as much as you can they way it will finally appear.Your signal as direct and dry as possible.And ...this may sound funny,you are playing as economically as possible.Leaving open space for things you do not now hear.If you do it this way when you get to Post production you do not have to depend on fancy effects to make your record happen.You do not have to compensate by putting layers of crud on your record.The cake is already baked and you are just icing it.The cake itself is so good it does not need a whole lot of icing,the icing just makes the delicious cake taste even better and makes it look prettier too!you find yourself not even needing the FX

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