Film And Production Work

The film has not been released yet though it has a good buzz going.In production we are re-mastering Crawdaddy County 911 "Full Tilt!" to submit for an add spot for a car commercial.This month's lottery ticket as it were.The truth of it being that I have been way more towards producing and performing in the studio as opposed to live performance.I fine it much more rewarding artistically/creatively.This includes my occasional teaching seminars to engineering students, which net me a lot of free studio time.The course is "The Artist As Producer."I am not teaching engineering,largely I am a guinea pig for testing yet it is a different twist when the artist is the producer as well.Into the nuts and bolts of the production.How everything is laid out and where it is,what is the EQ?How much head room are we working with?What to leave in...what to take out.At what point are we creating and at what point are we creatively masturbating? I was set up to do a couple of cover songs and I am leaning away from that.If you want to hear me do covers come and see me live.In terms of covers I would rather do an unknown song by a great songwriter,preferably one that is broke and hungry,do a great version of that and hopefully make it work.Yet most of what I do,that which you will remember the best I hope,I wrote.I am in this for the long haul and very into start leaning to the covers and get very lazy as a songwriter.It isn't that you have to write,so many fantastic artists do not write,yet if you can write your own material you certainly ought to,Ask Chubby Checker,I spoke to him on the phone on his last tour and he laughed and said,"have you written that hit yet Frenchy,have you got it..? he is inspiring because he is such a warm wonderful person,onstage and off.

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