Film Production,how deep are you?

Like 1986 when I got really serious more than say just running a camera,running a plot too.Just before everything went was deep to me because it was freezing time,space,and sound...making a permanent record of events.I was always going to be just that young.Plus film people are much more cool to hang out with,most musicians,there is not a lot of intellectual stimulation there,the brilliant ones yes but for the most part it is a fantasy land,a cartoon really.A dream that will never come true.The creative part is great but then ahh..real life is shielded by sardonic laughter and talk of dreams.You have to forgive that too as it is a hard road and a tough profession.You can be very up today and down and out tomorrow.The film people are much more close to normal reality and can morph around more than musicians to get gigs.And they have that crazy side too...I began to travel with them instead of the band,having lunch at the taco wagon instead of the buffet table,food fights at the taco wagon and we all return to the set with beans,rice, and gravy all over us!The producer who came up as a cable page understands "Okay,that is a wrap for today,everyone go home and get cleaned up and rest,we start again at dawn tomorrow,let's try to get serious about this ladies and gentleman,anyone who shows up wired is fired!"The actors are all relaxed "now I can get stoned,"on the set they are straight and professional but they like to smoke pot,they are the ones that turned us on,or the poets and songwriters.Yet working they are totally straight.I asked one why?"I would lose focus if I were stoned on the set!"If you have a day off and want to have some fun take an actor to lunch.Invite them and pay for it,they will accept,pick them up and drive them,they will say "Do you want to have a smoke with me?They are so tricky,you are going to hit the nosh with the munchies,yet it is all good,we are going to chow down.It's fun we are ripped and they carry themselves so great,"Hey it is Antoine!You move up easy to first in line.I am real reserved and quiet,and real stoned!so the food is one thing and it is soo good,yet the conversation that ensues is so dynamic.after lunch driving them home it is stoned again.Scene two."is it okay if I crash on your couch for a couple of hours?""No,I have a spare bedroom and guest bath,the hot tub may be good for you, you can rest there,thanks for lunch,I had such a good time!When you wake up you just let yourself out I have a dawn shoot tomorrow.for Colgate toothpaste,You will have to fix your own breakfast,I have both corn flakes and rice krispies you choose."

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