From Your Last Single "Donna" Your Sound Appears To Have Mellowed Quite Some

The more finite skills crept in.The emphasis was first placed upon the vocals,it was the result of a very large period of growth.The instruments are acoustic instead of electric except for the bass guitar.The drums are totally pounding and you can hear them for a change.For a good feel the acoustic guitar rules,it is so natural and then you pre-amp that signal.It is all about the vocals this time out.And the science of recording which ran much deeper.Studio economy.Never to mind that the night before I was tearing that acoustic guitar apart just hanging out with my friend Donna the leprecaun.She allowed me to borrow her guitar to do the tracks.A real sweet Martin.So I don't know if I have gone mellow or am just pacing the whole thing out.Mixing acoustic instruments is very easy in the studio.Oh wait I did also do some double bass (uprite) tracks on this as well.

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