Has your Insrumental Ability Had To Suffer To Bring Forward more Of Your Voice?"

"I would frame that more in terms of me speaking to you as a recording scientist.So I can be totally objective about it.My view of a project as an experiment practically carried out in a laboratory environment.The theory of the experiment must arrive at it's conclusion.Proven or dis proven,the huge amount of research that went into it.Leading to the master session.Followed through in post-production activity.What ought I to choose to repeat over and over an experiment that has already arrived at conclusion?The results of which has convinced me of it's truth and relevance.To my complete satisfaction.It is an intellectual adventure.My sweet addiction.The discovery of who I am.That is what I am after.How can someone love their work so much that on their vacation they dream of getting back to work,on vaca they go over their notes.Your girlfriend gets upset and pushes your notes aside and presents you with her titties to play with."Today you make your music on these."

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