I Am Getting Together As Best I Can Michelle's Life Story.

Her step Dad is helping me.After her Mother died she lost all of her ties to Earth.Her family in Mo,with all well intent for her could not accept her for the star that she was so she would run away all the time.She loved to ride the "hounds."She would get her things together and travel to where she wanted to go.All of the trappings of the conventional world were unsuitable to her.Her life story is legend on a par with Robert Johnson.When the world dragged her down she would hop on a "hound."She had nothing,she had no one,she just wanted to sing.Her family just could not accept that.And you can't blame them,don't blame them,who could believe that this was so real?That to a person to sing was everything?I have got to give you this testimony about her when she appeared onstage with us as our featured female singer.Her talent at a tender age was extraordinary.She was always so sweet,she commanded five full octaves in her range.Always showed up on time,was never a hinderance to us as so many demanding "Judy Garland"female singers want to be,they have the temper to be sure but do they hsve the same talent?Only the select chosen do..don't get me wrong on that,I have worked with a lot of female singers that were real pro's and always fun to do an adventure with.But they were pro's you see.Not "star trippers."Our audiences did not expect her,and she was so humble about it,so thrilled just to get her shot to perform.So fantastic when she stepped onstage.She was only 17 years old and such a pro.We had it together as an all male band.The only black nigger rock band in the world,we played to riots,not shows, and blew the roof off of every joint we played.And then out would step this petite young white female child,we would tone it down to her and she would ice the cake just spellbinding the audience.We had the corporate financial backing in place to head out on our first national tour.Not real big time just ther next step,to do AAA clubs in the cites that we were getting airplay.And when we had done all of the work to get ready to rise up they pulled out and left us empty.We were all geared to fulfill out comittitment,delivered on all of our promises,the big one being that "American Idol Audition" would go number one on American Idol Underground radio which it did do,two weeks after our backers pulled out.I do not want to ever have another corporate backer.I would far prefer to have a reputable publisher.My support will be the product of my own effort and my audience.I now too just want to sing my song.I do not have to have a million dollars to have a happy life.I see all of the rich guys,who can buy whatever they want to lay it all to waste,I see the hatred and envy in their eyes.They would give everything they have to be able for just a moment to do what I do.But money is all that everything is about to them.They are so proud and stiff necked.So self righteous.And so already in somebody else's pocket.Who would pay to see Bill Gates suck on his guitar?He ain't going to do shit with it.Play some scales maybe?To a metronome even?I bet he has a fantasy that he is really something on his guitar.And he sucks,his whole world sucks and he knows it.Michelle to do her sessions the day before she died,now that is impressive power.She wanted such a simple thing out of all of her short life,a recording session.These oh so great people sit down to such a finely prepared dinner and will not even take a moment to bow their heads in silence to give thanks for it.They just dig in and eat the same as the pigs do.

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