I Am Very Backlogged At My Desk

Well I did get my copyright situation together and up to date.That is a good feeling and it is expensive,I remember when it use to be ten bucks.Nowadays people say it does not matter but oh yes it does very much matter.It is your claim and registration of first use.The world is always looking for new music,many folks will cheat a bit and perhaps take a part of something you did and use it,and in many ways this is all well and good as long as you are getting paid for it if they are making money for it.Or your heirs if you are no longer in this world.The part I am behind in is registering my titles with my performing rights organization which is ASCAP.These are the folks that collect your royalties for you.If you are dealing with any music supervisor on any professional project it is a given that you both have a PRO and your works are registered with them.Else or you are going to wait a long time to get paid.

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