I Don;t Really Know

How much is all that you can do?It would not make sense to invest into any effort that a conspiracy was against?I get to go in through the door and do my thing.Turn in my works.if what you may say was that strong I would no longer be recording.I would be with ease crushed like a bug.Taken out of the game all the way.Boom!But instead of that I have been given another shot.I have got to change my attitude about things.I have so much to be thankful for.Through all of this crazy trip I have been so blessed.It is not right that I should come to judge someone else.And really I do not do that.I may make harmless jokes about them yet at the same time I respect the fact that they have got authority over me.So I must do what they tell me to do,it isn't really so bad,I get along and fit in with the people I have to work with.I am not a slave,I want to go to work.I do not want to do a sloppy job when I punch in It is now their time and not mine.I sold it to them.They own me body and soul.I agreed to that.I have been wonderfully blessed by my company.I ought to be very grateful about that.They did not call me I went to them looking for a steady job and got hired on full time.My son followed my footsteps and got hired too.It was the management level of the company that got him on.Gave him a shot to make good.My boss,Tom Shoemake.So even the music has to take place two.I owe a debt of loyalty to my company.I am not a slave I am there by my free will.I have so much to be thankful for.I am going to concentrate on appreciating that.I still want to have some fun in my life,yet to really have fun you have got to behave yourself.

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