I have a special treat for you!

Sometimes a song just hits a singer right in the face.I have been requested to do a sound track for a new film,a song I would never have thought to do in a way I would never have thought to do it.Inspiration,that is a hard thing to hold,in fact you can't hold it,as an artist you have to allow it to flow through you.Tune into it while you have got it.I got into this because I wanted to love my work and have fun doing it.thus The money,the ways and means would be there somehow to take the adventure.The thing about it is that it is always a fresh start.Planting another little seed,who knows really which one may grow?Perhaps all of them will!for an artist it is best to tune into the inspiration and let it flow through you.On a fresh and new canvas.what really matters is how you touch people,make them feel something.

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