I Have Got To Finish The Current Project,

The less you do in a studio the more you can do with it.The lead single to the album a big hassle becuase it is a total band project.Plus the soundtrack to a music vid.This production has been a real hassle for me.I love it and enjoy it yet it is not what I wanted.I wanted a female singer to do it.But none of the girls wanted to sing it right.They wanted to be Lady Gaga,very reluctantly I had to do the lead vocal.I just wanted to do the music and the backround vocals.The session was perfect for Michelle Rene she was trained to step in and do this.The old school thing did not bug her,she just wanted to record.None of the other female singers would do it.They were nasty about it even "I ain't gonns sing that shit."This is what tires me.Star trips.Can you just be a part of the crew and dig the adventure?No,piss on that crew shit,it is all about me.This is so boring to me,so trivial,if you are so hot why aren't you already signed,what are you doing here?

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