I Lived As I Believed

Sometimes you have got to put everything you have into something.If you cut corners here you are going to sacrifice quality.Little stuff that you may do may be very motivating and exciting,having many good points to it.At the eclipse of the day though it has to be industry standard.That means the recording has got to be mastered.You may have a final mix in the studio that is to die for,yet when it gets played here and there on different machines and equipment the effect is not the same.You can't even hope to go to radio without a mastered recording.Much less press a CD.I am not trying to be critical here,I am a professional instructor.A respeted scientist and artist.Industry standard is not some mystical thing,It means your recording is of a constant level of quality across any format.You have the relative specs that must be there,someone serious in the industry can tell right away.Unless of course what you are submitting is understood to be a demonstration recording or "Demo.In which case it is expected that the recording will be completely re-worked and mastered.There is nothing wrong with that if it puts a check in your pocket.This could even happen to your master.Your tune that only a few people may ever hear it heard by millions of people.It may be a hige hit for another artist or a commercial or soundtrack or something.It may in the final end not sound anything like what you did.Yet what you did became successful.This is where you want to have your copyrights locked down and your song registered with a PRO.So you get paid for your good work.I know many artists that feel,"if it is not me on the tune than fuck it,it is not going to be done!"That is very childish and foolish in my opinion.

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