I Would Like To Despell An Illusion for You

That being that the world is set up for those that are wicked and obscene,The tight network of those that cheat and lie to get ahead.Those without empathy and compassion for others.They really turn in NO good works.At heart they have banded together as crooks.They will with such ease sell each other out No matter of how long they have covered/convened each other.They are essentially I find, very cowardly,they cannot operate in the open,it is all in what they consider a secret yet they do not realize their activities are being observed and recorded.By a much higher power than themselves.They are stuck here in this existence to trust those who are lying to them,and here they shall stay until it is destroyed.They posses no dignity.They lived as cowards and shall die as that.We are encouraged to love each other as we love ourselves.To stop being so demanding and live and let live.The pursuit of life is to be happy and healthy.All of this chaos is nothing new.Awaken yourself.

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