If you were to go onto foreign soil to play as an ambassador of good will between nations where would you choose to go and play?

North Korea,the DPRK,If I could make it there I could make it anywhere to be sure.Not with a big show,just and acoustic guitar and my blue jeans and cowboy boots with a leather fringed jacket.I would sing Elvis to them them "That's Alright Mama" and maybe "kentucky Rain." " Rocky top" and "Proud Mary" to be sure do not forget "Johnny B. Goode."The citizens of that country would be hearing it for the first time.Traveling abroad you have to respect the laws and the traditions of the soil you are upon.I would enjoy very much to jam with some DPRK musicians,It would ease so many tensions so much.Much less expensive than to conduct a war.The culture of korea facsinates me.But you are not going to send me there,I would face down all of the hatred they have towards my country and they would fall in love with me.Music is a univwesal language you see.No I would not want to defect there.Just a quick tour.

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