In Some ways It Is better That i Make My Money Outside Of The Music Biziz

Then I can get onto it and do what I want to do,not what I have to do or am expected to do.Or ordered to do.I want to get into it man.I am not coming at you amateur hour either,I utilize top studios and professional producers/recording engineers.Not cheap shit home recordings.At home i only use reel to reel decks.I own it all too,via international copyright.The exclusive rights are mine even on my covers.Playing in a honky tonk is still great fun to me yet I do not want to depend on that for my living.for oh so many years I did.And it was all good.I was not hurting too bad about money.I was pulling in 300 a week to play and sing.That is pretty decent bread to live on.But I need that each and every week.I have to pay taxes just like you and all of the stuff.Now it is all hit and miss.Your audience (Those that support you) is now hurting and there was a day when they would travel state to state to follow you.How great it was to see and hang with dear friends like that!They can no longer afford to do that.people that once would allow a musician they loved to crash on their couch,which was the key to many artists "making It."For centuries.So I have got to dig up out of my own pocket to bring it to you.I want it that way.I have to labor as an indentured servant to get it out to you.They sought to De-humanize me and they were very mistaken.I have a college degree.Rights and privileges that cannot be removed.It took me 26 years to get that. I am immune to being DE-humanized.I am a very finely educated can find a way to take everything away from me but my son,yet you can't remove my dignity as a human being.

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