In The Context Of "Rene Labre Group"

Mr.Collins and Mr.Brown were not my "puppets" they put a lot of coaching on me.Everything I did had to be in the context we agreed upon.I did not really mind because I got much better by it.They wanted me as the front man to be at my best.Every single thing was torn down and analyzed.I was totally free to present my ideas but would be very wise to respect their input.Chip especially was a very patient teacher.Marvin and I were hangout buddies yet even he would say "you ought to do it like this." I took these cats with me to NYC,with Andre Mack on guitar.And my nigs blew down NYC,not just with their awesome talent but their quality as human beings.I am so proud of my men!Certain it is that we are going to pull it back together.But I want Andre back too..He is much more intelligent about life than all of us.And man,what a smokin' guitar player.He would fuck up Eric Clapton!

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