Industry standard-The click track Versus The Feel track

Let's get away from the pop and commercial stuff for a moment and say to be producing a session of a great jazz group.And you want them to play to a click track,It is not going to go down like that,or a blues band looking to overdub as little as possible,they want to do their onstage performance in the click track stifles the natural dynamics.The music cannot breathe.Yes the timing is going to shift yet everyone is going to shift together,the whole thing about it really is to get a grove together.Most professional sessions require a click track to allow the producer the ability to hone it all in.Because it is all digital.In this type of a session you are not sitting down and doing the tune,you are working it part by part.You may record the coda before you record the intro.You may start by doing the chorus or the bridge.It is very demanding to record this way,when you are cutting you do not know how it is going to fit in.With a major producer just to cut a little thing can be a torture chamber.You have got to 100% match that click and still keep your tone,feel,and dynamics.You leave the studio with no idea of what your tune sounds like.I only did one session this way in New york City.(oo) (oo) I've been calling.I am very well pleased by the results of it.We had to re-learn it to do it onstage but whatever you know.A good tune is a good tune.

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