It Is Best To have Your own Website

Yes I feel that way,you can save a ton of time and money,set it up how you want it to roll and let it fly.You want to have honest content for the search bots.Then you can hire some experts to tweak it.So you say it all there without chasing around everywhere.All internet guru's are selfish people looking to milk your money and worst of all your time,they seek to confuse you and bombard you with shit e-mail.This selfish flock is not going to give you anything but the toilet paper they have already wiped their ass with for not 2000 dollars nor even 500..Why not even 100 dollars for $47.00 you are one your way to millions.and then even if you don't bite they sell your info to every other greedy little ass hole they know.Unsubscribe to ALL of them,get an e-mail on yahoo for them to dump into.Like

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