It Seems You Have Moved Away From The Guitar To Your Singing

Not so,it still originates from the guitar and I am playing all of them,The tune was composed on a guitar,I can and have written from the piano yet for what i do which is rock,ahh...on the piano you more compose ballads.Suffice to say before I do any singing at all I have already cut the guitar plus the bass as well.A lot of them too..six or seven guitars and two or three basses.Plus the keys.I could have done a spiffy as heck guitar solo on the new single yet I did an oboe solo instead!when you see the film you will see why.I am not shooting for radio or rock stardom at all.I am shooting to be a consumate artist,If you will.I have no care about being played on broadcast top 40 radio.Most humbly and thankfully I am sending you a message to begin a conversation with you.This is my radio station.Broadcasting worldwide.I am going to start going more live with it yet am still working out some bugs.I thank you and appreciate that you are listening thus far.,The money?I can live very well very simply.I have to pay the people that work for me,to bring this to you,I have a wolf I have to feed and care for,pay the bills,therefore I have to bring something to you that you are going to dig.

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