It Takes Time

And effort,if it were just to play in bars I would not want to do that anymore.I have already done that most of my life.It can seem like a really cool scene yet then comes "Last Call" and the night is over.When everyone is liquored up they can talk a lot of stuff,you might be able and have time to hit a one night stand but that is not a meaningful thing.Though God bless it may pull you through.Yet you come to find that person is still a stranger to you.I never gave that much thought to it.It is a job to me.You can easy get wrapped up in a bunch of crazy stuff you are not prepared to deal with.Especially on the road out of town.Someone you deemed to be pretty easy to get along with can go complete psycho on you.All kinds of demons get unleashed.And you are then one they have decided to blame.And this situation is only going to intensify.Starting off with just a few little strange blips.The sex may be astounding yet it is only the bait for the trap.And the trap is misery for you.This is not good mental health and far from what anyone with any level of sanity would call a healthy relationship.Open up the window cuz,the door may be double locked and slide out soft and slow,hang drop two stories if you have to and hit the ground running do not look back to see it.Conversely to that a normal healthy relationship is based upon a trust and a friendship.There may from time to time be assertiveness on your part or hers, because this is a give and take thing.with the end goal of it being able to grow and mature together step by step.Wow! not kid stuff!And yet again this would come from a level of good mental health.Which means the ability to reason with each other.

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