Keep The Production As SIMPLE As Possible!

I know,if you have a great producer you may wonder what he is hearing, yet the deeper you get into this the more you realize the less that you do the more production wise that you can do with it.Breaking everything down to it's most tasty.Then you have so much headroom all the way around when you EQ.Even as sophisticated as technology is in terms of EQ you have phase cancellation.Some frequencies will only stand so much and when they are strained phase cancellation occurs.Yes it can be modified,manually and it depends on the project you are working on.This is specific to a great rock record which is a commercial recording.I have observed full orchestras being recorded.My Jaw dropped to the floor!Writing a great rock song is very demanding but it is true.Writing a shmoozy love ballad is much easier.Nothing wrong with that by the by they never go out of style.But writing a jump up rock number that makes the audience freak when they just hear the intro.Ask Tom Petty who does NOT do any covers.

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