Major recording studios are closing,wnat is your take?

Home studios,I don't mean to sound all snobby about it,for many folks it works out very well.Many major studios are closing all over the place because so many artists have opted to home record.If you have a studio doing major label business that is great except they are slow to pay out,so it is a good balance to have local groups/indie bands coming in to use the facilities.If you were cool they would reduce their rates and a bunch of projects would be going on so the rooms would be paying their keep.Just to air condition a major studio is two grand a month thus you want as many artists in and out the door as you can.Which is indeed a very cool thing,the engineers can pay the rent and are busy with practicing their skills.The studio is constantly able to upgrade the gear.All of the patch cords are clean and work,laboratory grade.The bulk of my recorded work was done at Morrisound Studios and it was such a wonderful experience,akin to flying in a spaceship..really!I have many films of the experience.Now I am recording at Abbey Road South,(Progressive Media) reason for that being that my producer,Kenny Veenstra owns that studio.It is not quite as monstrous yet packs a 1/4 of a million dollars worth of gear.And kind of a "Beatles" vibe.Single speed glass the penthouse I have two basic reel to reel decks I use to get my ideas when I go in and start spending money I am ready to do and know what I am going to do.Yet the thing has got to come down to the basic love of doing it for yourself.Creating a good sound.However you do it

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