"Make It Right'

i have already told you the story about it.How tightly and wound up I was geared.This was a very black band.Backing up the pure genius of Shawn Brown.We did not play for any white people.I as the white guitar player of the group learned my lesson so hard,they wanted to replace me with a black guitar player and have me be road manager yet no black guy could get as tight as me.They never paid me any money for all that they asked yet did pay me in full in different ways,a private hotel suite with anything I could dream of present.The cream of the crop of the finest black pussy you ever thought you saw.This was the way black music was going to go and they were on top of it all,but that white guitar player was a real problem so the powers that be just took the guitar out to deliver you the shit black music you hear today.I though I had it so made,that every major black artist would want me on guitar for their records.Total economy,total control.It was so drilled into me.I got to fly one time in my life on a Learjet to Miami Criteria Studios yet it was much more like I was kidnapped,pushed and shoved pulled in and out.Really thug and brutal..I had my Les Paul Custom but it was taken away from me "don't worry about it,we have a guitar for you to play."We did not go into terminal the car went straight to the plane on tarmac."What about my Les Paul?" "Shut the fuck up whiteboy,get on the plane!" On the plane was the drummer,Gregg Pruitt and in the seat next to him was a 1953 Fender Telecaster esquire with a Fender princeton amp.Gregg was a little bit nicer to me but not to much "this is what you are going to play and I am going to show you how you are to play it." "OK.I am down with it,could I have a shot of bourbon whiskey please...Jim Beam if you have got it." I hate to fly but this lear was something else.After the album session my les paul was in the waiting room and I was stranded in Miami.Dumped out on the street but I slipped the engineer 150 bucks to get a copy of the master.I was on the street but had my les paul back and a copy of the master.I got a taxi to the station and rode a hound back home.

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