No,that will not happen to me again.Yet I don't want to say to much because I sing at weddings.You have to respect that institution,I would not dare to fool around with another guys wife.I would feel that if two people are going to be together in an honorable,stable and healthy relationship that is enough.If you want to get married don't just do it though.Both of you ought to make an appointment with a family law attorney for two hours and have it all spelled out to you in plain spoken language the crazy thing that the two of you are about to do because you are blinded by love and passion.Two hours with an attorney would be better than six months of church counseling.You are entering not only into a contract with each other,you have another bedfellow in your relationship,the state, which rules over your marriage.Plus the merger of your two families.I got very fortunate on this one when I was married to Tammy,her parents really loved me and were beloved by me.We had many good times together.You may not be so fortunate.Her brother ("did I tell you about him?")Is getting released from prison next week for armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon,a real mean dude,a registered father raper."He is going to stay with us until he gets on his feet."You lucky dog you! Then there is in the USA the huge divorce industry.Nowhere in the know world do people divorce like they divorce here.This is going to be the ugliest battle,most heart wrenching turn your world upside down thing you may ever go through.The two of you may have even decided to do it amicably ah but you forgot about your third partner,the state.So the two of you need separate attorneys greedy for bread,they will fan the flames of hatred,magnify your irreconcilable differences,the groom is now the groom of doom,he only has two things that could work in his favor,he is either very rich,or very poor.If you are anywhere in the middle you are going to be gutted like a hog.Now if before you did this thing you sought the council of a family law attorney and said very innocently "counselor,I am not saying this is going to happen to us,right honeypie,I love you mush,mush, are my little lovebird,but what would happen if we decided to split up and had two children?"He/she would light a cigar and a rubber bird would drop from the ceiling,the best question of the day "we would have an office party with balloons and everything.We are going to knock down big bucks to simply tear your family apart.Your children are going to become latchkey kids.Your household forever divided.Now this is just for the USA,in other countries people do not divorce because their government is 1000 times more corrupt.And perhaps maybe because it is a much more solemn tradition there.

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