Michelle Rene,Americas Answer To the Rolling Stones

When she recorded this she was only 17 years old on the road with us.It was not a regular show we had pulled up to a restaurant that had just closed for the night and we were starving."If you will cook us dinner we will do a show for you."When she started out with us she was shaky and nervous,Chip and Marvin loved her so and made every effort to teach her.We had crossed state lines with a minor but Mother was close behind with a sawed off shotgun between her knees.Her dad too.Equipped with horrible explosive stuff.We just wanted to do a show and get our little money and carry on.But Marvin always had a girl.Chip and I not so much,that was funny because Chip and I were the one's that caused the riots.It was all good by the way,Marvin knew he needed the two of us to go crazy.

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