Michelle Rene,I Miss you!

In her last two years Michelle had made a big change in her style.She would only sing spirituals.She lived a very clean life,did not smoke or drink and never did drugs.Her drug was singing.She did like to run away a lot,she was infatuated by greyhounds.She would work as a hotel housekeeper and save up her money and hit the road.When she was with us we were going through some crazy things and the road was very dangerous for us.Yet she was safe because her Mom And Dad were trailing right behind,Mom with a sawed off between her knees.It really cut down on the local rednecks harassing us,I would be hauling ass in the bus and hear KABOOM behind us and see a pick-up with a tire shot out reel off the road.I don't think looking back that it was rednecks I think it was m2k ultra.A black rock and roll band was to much for them to take.They had another direction in mind for black artists.When the odds are so against you it is wiser to back off.I took the group to record in NYC so no matter of what we would always have our moment.I was very proud of my men,helping little old ladies cross the street.There was just an awful snowstorm in NYC and the old ladies would say "can you help me get home?"It was hard for them too because this was on all points a major label session for us.The original tune we came in with was radically changed.For the better,a tremendous period of growth for us.

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