My Duties As Executive Producer

Had I of went to NY or LA this prob would have ended up as my job for a major label.I am very good at it and I get quite a buzz off of it.It goes from step number one of selecting the material to record to the final mastering stage.In charge of all phases,initial rehearsals and arranging the material,booking the studio time,finding the session people and booking them.Travel arrangements.Working hands on with the recording engineers and producers in pre-production.Diplomacy and problem solving.Licensing and copyright administration.Performing on the sessions,conducting the sessions,singing on the sessions.Setting up the sessions.Final creative control.There is such a fine art there in keeping everything loose and light to draw in all of the creative ideas yet keep a very strict handle on the direction of the concept.Keeping the thing very serious yet still having a lot of fun.It can get very intense in the studio in a hurry.You have got to deliver an industry standard production.A professional recording.Under an ever tightening budjet.The role of the producer is just huge in this,it was a weakness of mine,partial hearing loss in my high end which is typical of rock musicians that led me to the fact that I was not qualified to produce,I could not mix to industry standard.I could not in any way balance the high mids and the highs.You have to be laboratory standard here,the skill of a surgeon,the touch of a jeweler.The prerequisites to be my producer are: 1.)Perfect pitch hearing 2.}Certified as a recording engineer in both analog and digital recording 3.)Also an accomplished musician 4.)Significant credits,a proven successful track record of honest success. 5.)A brilliant creative mindset When I find someone with these qualities I am prepared to set up a meeting and grovel if necessary to get them in on the project.Fortunately for me I don't have to go that far because they are intrigued at the possibilty of working with me.It gets them away from their usual grist-to-the mill stuff and into something off the wall.And I give them the free hand of total creative control,in production they are calling the shots. And I am getting a huge set of pro's here: 1.)I am free to be an artist,I know the layout of the board and everything,but my only concern is turning in a performance,or conducting a performance. 2.)I am constantly receiving an objective opinion on the direction of the project.I desire to come out of a project with more creativity then I came in with.My producers never take away.they only add to it. 3.)The final production is industry standard.Undeniable. 4.)I am happy,I know I am laying down a great track.The artist inspiration and the technical craftsmanship are all in place.They are buzzing too..there is a lot of love in that room.I listen back to the tracks and am never disappointed,and I pushed it to it's limits.Drawn up incredible recording configurations.A thing that is actually expected of me.I go way off the wall and way off the scale.My producers both expect and enjoy this.They enter in as composers if necessary.Performers too,I can run the board if they are laying down a track.Watch them jam with the orchestra! 5.)No matter what you say,I am whole,I am perfect,I am complete. The sessions are so fantastic.I ought to be on a major label.I do not think I would have huge mass appeal yet would have a very definable market.I would sell cds,a lot of them.If the whole world system falls down I can sing for my supper.I love my country,the USA,she embraces and protects me.I am no longer concerned with being a "rockstar."Working "behind the scenes" has more of an appeal to me.I sing jingles and love to do that.I do not have to worry about an image.I am as a vocalist a trick tenor.I will convince someone to buy their tires at a certain place.Just by singing a tune.You don't know me but you have heard me.I am all good with that. I stuck with it no matter,I am an educated person,I view the big picture.I own the copyrights.I love my job.

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