Next Recording Session Set For April 5 2012,Abbey Road South

Drum mixing and a slide guitar solo.Prob some additional electric guitar work.I would like you to hear my Hofner.I recently purchased a second one for back up but it has not been factory customized.Hard to believe for me that I have spent over a year on this tune.Also it is a film so the storyboard has to be worked.In fact the primary existence of the tune is as a soundtrack, I have no concern at all about going to radio with it.So much of recording art and science is being conditioned for broadcast radio.Unless you are a major label artist you are not going to make it to radio.Here and there maybe,a local spot,some secondary market work which will cost you your eyeteeth.I am not saying there is anything wrong with it you know,that's just how it is.You may even get lucky yet aside from that can of worms as an indie I would say that you want to do what you really want to do the way yOU want to do it.The first consideration I know is selfish and self-indulgent,moreso that a major label artist is free to be.Then you make it as good as it can be with whatever resources you can muster and get a fan base together of people that like it.(Your new bosses) perhaps only fifty people like it so much to the point that they BUY as an indie you have to know who likes what you do and do what they like.50 who really dig it is a good start,and then on the weekend they will turn on a friend and you have 100 now.The important thing as an indie is that you dig your record and the song you did.And you made it the best that you could. Now let us say that by some miracle your tune catches on and many people and to hear it.They want to see you play it if they can.That is the definition of talent.This project has taken a long time yet I am having the time of my life with it.And for those who like my music I think you are going to love it.Even if the is only five it will become 10.I can't manipulate that,the sound is right out of the fishing docks.I am both working on you hearing it and also SEEING the intent of it.It is going to touch you.Thank you so much for being here today because I need you.If you don't buy a ticket I am in big trouble.

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