Oh Come On! Donna Is A Leprecaun?

Aye,sure and begurlin' she is that.she can of course shapeshift yet this dear lass from thee old sod and dear friend of mine of course can shape shift. she is not even two inches tall.ahh  I charge you to find such a cute little pretty to be a part of your life. she showed me her pot of,not told me "laddy buck,i really love you,I would grant you any wish you asked of me!"She would get so angry with me when I wished for the two of us to have the best ice cream cones the world had to offer.Oh yes,she was very angry until she tasted the ice cream!And my second wish of her.To kiss me goodnight holding her on my finger like I have never been kissed before nor would I be after."We have to go out on the front porch and you place you hand upon the earth." I did and she took off her shoes and was less than two inched high and climbed upon my first finger of my right hand.I stood up and held her,"place my back to the moon lover boy and kiss me."Her lips tasted like cherries and apples and she reached up behind her with her right hand and pulled the moon down behind us!I placed her on my shoulder and went back into the cottage and wrote the last verse of her song. I still have one more wish,what shall it be?

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