On research for an upcoming film project a lot about the Masonic Lodge came up.

I would consider it a committment to join a satantic household.We live a life of free will and are permitted to make that choice if we do so.We are responsible to ourselves and obligated to fullfill our obligations.No matter of how many close friends you have or all of your fraternal fellowships on the day your soul is required of you that battle you will face on your own.It is a good thing for a man to associate himself with honorable men in his life.I came to find that many men who's lives I admired were masons.The only president that we had in my lifetime after John Kennedy that I liked was Ronald Reagan.The way that he spoke in his interviews,he had a way of relating to the common man of good sence..The masonice thing did not even begin with academic men,it began with men of trade skill,very skilled journeymen who in making their living with their hands learned the secrets of their trades,everything they would build was square.When they got together and relaxed from their labors and got into their cups they developed a way of communicating with eachother.If you can work with your hands you are a freeman,I can busk for my supper playing my guitar if need be.I would probably end up making more money doing that than on my job.You have to become and be aware and relate to things in your own life,the one which you are accountable for.I would prefer the company of honorable men to that of blaggards.I see very highly schooled men who are called masons that could not even drive a screw into a piece of wood straight.Nor hammer a nail,just one nail is not my place to judge them,I have enough of my own inconsistacies to deal with.And I am busy enough working on that.I decided long ago about what I wanted to do with my life.And persued my craft.Now I know the secrets of it.I am greatly persecuted for that from certian quarters.Called horrible names for it.I have to stop doing what I do best and most love to do to be okay for somebody else.Now that to me is insanity.I am a journeyman bricklayer but somebody will only stop bugging me if I am a Carpenter."Why do you waste your life lifting up those bricks?"I am not a carpenter,I respect them but I am a bricklayer,that is what I do best and I enjoy my work."Try if you can to not follow the crowd so much.Do your thing.Respect one another.I don't know all of what you have been told yet I will tell you this,you have today to live your life and that is ALL that you have.You may care about tomorrow but you do not have that.

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